How to Use a Paint Sprayer with Air Compressor

Paint Sprayer with Air Compressor

Hereafter, you don’t need to hire a person for painting your house or garage because paint sprayers are available in the market which simplifies your job and reduces the amount of paint required for the painting.

Using this device, you can color the whole area twice as faster as using the brush or roller. It sprays the paint at high pressure through the small hole and the best thing is that you can get this unit in affordable rate.

Paint Sprayer with Air Compressor

The paint sprayer is like a magic wand and with this, you can enhance the look of your home, it also gives a smooth finish to the woodwork and doors.

Now you have the best paint sprayer with the air compressor but still, you might not be aware of the usage, to help you here are some of the ideas regarding using the paint sprayer.

Basic Steps

Follow the steps below to know how to use a paint sprayer effectively

1) Select the paint and thinner:

If you want to use the latex, acrylic or oil-based paints, then air sprayer with the compressor is the best option for you. It is necessary to add the suitable thinner to the paint because it allows the paint to flow freely from the sprayer tube.  

2) Prepare the Area

Before starting the painting process you have to clean the surface and make sure the area contains required ventilation so that the paint will dry quickly. Use the painter’s tape, mask or newspaper to cover the nearby area because while painting, the small particle of the paint may spread over that place.  

3) Put on a Safety Glasses, Mask and Gloves

If you have any allergy, then definitely you have to wear a mask and it will prevent the dust particles which cause serious breathing problems. All these three things protect you from the pollutant, dust, and fumes.

4) Prepare the Surface

Take some water in the bucket and add few drops of liquid soap to wash the surface thoroughly using the prepared solution. This method helps you to remove all the dirt from the surface and make them allow to dry for some time.

5) Prime the Surface

Apply the layer of primer over the wall using the sprayer, roller or brush in order to get the smooth surface and it will provide a good finish after spraying the paint.

Prepare the Compressor

1) Turn on the Compressor

The compressor is important to maintain the constant pressure for spraying the paint correctly without any changes in the flow rate. If you avoid using compressor the whole surface will ruin because of the uneven distribution of stain.

2) Adjust the Regulator

The compressor comes with the regulator to adjust the speed and try to set it in the range from 12 to 25 pounds per square inch (PSI). This amount will change for each sprayer so read the manual before adjusting it.

3) Attach the Air Hose

If the hose is not connected to the paint sprayer, then fix it and wrap the joints using the Teflon tape in order to make the seal. Some devices are equipped with the connective couplings and using that, you can attach the air hose quickly.

4) Pour a Small Amount of Paint Thinner

Usually, the sprayers contain the reservoir for adding the thinner which is present at the bottom and then open the metering valve slowly.

5) Prime the Sprayer

The next step is squeezing the primer to check whether the thinner comes out of the nozzle or not. Initially, air will come for few minutes and then it will spray the paint thinner. If you couldn’t find the flow of thinner, then check the sealing for the leakage and fix the sprayer again.


Take the required amount of paint in the container and use the filter to strain the dust or lumps. Then add the correct proportion of thinner to it and pour the prepared solution into the paint cup. When you use the sprayer try to hold it about 5 inches away from the surface so that it can spread evenly.

Bottom line

Hope you got a clear idea about the paint sprayer with the air compressor after reading the above article.

Try to follow all these steps and share us your experience.

Let’s know in comments if you are using any paint sprayer?


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