7 ways to Successfully remove Spray Paint from your Skin & Nails


If you work with paint, then getting spray paint on your skin is normal. But if you’re new to using paint sprayers, you’re probably worried about how to get spray paint off your hands. Even more worrying is wondering how to remove spray paint off fingernails, especially out from under them.

If you are a first-timer then removing paint from your skin will give a lot of pain. It is possible to get rid of paint with a variety of solutions and oil-based liquids. While working to remove the stain always resist harsh scrubbing, you can make use of baby oil, acetone and many other solutions to wash it out. Drizzle some oil over a fresh cotton ball but it must be naturally antiseptic and potent to wash the paint away.

  1. Use a hand lotion or cream:

It is a good idea to use the hand lotion or cream to get rid of the spray paint from your skin. This specific method will be time-consuming but gives a better result after applied over the skin. A good quality moisturizing creams contain oil which can easily remove the paint off the skin and nails. Pick a baby lotion because it doesn’t have chemicals, fragrances, and dyes which makes it safe for the skin. Gently rub the lotion thoroughly using your hands but don’t give too much of pressure to your skin.

  1. Make use of olive oil onto your skin:

Rub the olive oil thoroughly over your skin because it will weaken the bond between paint and the skin. Just hold your hands over the sink and gently pour a good amount of olive oil into your palms. Then rub the hands together to remove the paint, never use corrosive oils. Because it can cause irritation on your skin if you have a cooking spray then directly apply it over the hands and nails. Rinse the oil under the running water, if some amount of paint is remaining then again repeat the same process. You can also use soap to get rid of the oily feeling. 

  1. Good to use Standard paint removers:

Paint removers are the best option to wash out the paint quickly from your skin as well as the nails. It is a chemical solution which is designed to remove paint from various surfaces. If you have a sensitive skin then it is better to avoid this method because it can cause irritation to your skin. You may feel disturbed and itchy when you apply it, use a cotton ball and dip into a nail polish remover and gently rub it on the skin until the paint is washed out. Clean the area using the cotton towel to keep it safe and protected from various pollutants.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly:

You can put petroleum jelly on the paint covered skin to remove it quickly. But make sure not to coat too much of jelly using your fingers. Gently don’t spread it all over the skin, just apply it wherever you see the paint. It is also possible to combine the petroleum jelly with lotion and cream, wait for some time after coating it over the skin. Wipe the jelly and the paint off using a clean paper towel, you must wait for a while so that the jelly can be given time to bond with the paint.

  1. Take a shower:

It is one of the simplest and easiest methods because you can just stand under a hot shower immediately after the paint was applied to your skin. Use the mild soap but that should suit your skin; it is also a good idea to rub the soap on the skin with a small toothbrush. Gently rub it in a circular motion and this will reduce the risk of skin damage because of the soft bristles produced from the soap. After taking shower, make your skin dry with a clean towel. Apply a moisturizing cream to dry up your skin because it maintains the skin health. 

  1. Use purification oil instead of vegetable oil:

It is better to use purification essential oil instead of vegetable oil because it is the combination of multiple oils which is used to eliminate odor. Massage the oil with your hands completely over the paint covered area to remove it from your skin and nails. Just use a few drops of oil to blend directly onto your skin where the spray paint is seen too much. Continue applying until the paint is fully gone; if not then repeat the process for some more time. Be careful not to touch your eyes.

  1. Rinse the soap off your skin:

You can make use of soap to instantly get rid of paint from your skin. it is also possible to apply a baby oil with a clean cotton ball over the body after washing with the soap. It efficiently rids your skin of spray paint stains, because baby oil is very gentle and gives the soft touch to your body. Gently scrub in circles to clean the paint so it will loosen after a few moments. By doing this, you will get a fresh and smooth feel so it removes the bad odor from your body.

Wrapping Up!

Gently coat your hands with oil or a liquid soap allow it to dry! Before you start to paint look at the above guidelines to protect your skin and nails. Learning how to get spray paint off your skin and nails will help you maintain your appearance and your well-being.


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