What Are The Paint Sprayers Types?


The sprayer is a device that sprays out the paint within it. There are various types of sprayers such as the water sprayer, oil sprayer, etc. One among these sprayers is the paint sprayer that sprays paint.

Generally, the paint sprayers are devices operated by the mankind and these sprayers are used for decorating the walls with different creativity. This type of painting method is seen commonly in many places of the world as the spray painting looks attractive.

Paint Sprayers Types

The paint sprayer is a device used for spray painting. This device is used for spraying paints, ink, varnish or any types of the coating into the surface with the help of the air medium. This device is used by many people and persons to make their house look beautiful and attractive.

The paint sprayer can be further classified into various categories and these types depend on the process and mechanism used for spraying paint with the paint sprayer. The important types of the paint sprayers are listed below.

Airless Paint Sprayers

An important type of the paint sprayer that is commonly used in many places is the airless paint sprayer. This sprayer has advanced features and so, it is used by many people all over the world. These paint sprayers have various important features and functions.

The airless paint sprayers work with the help of the air pressure and fluid pressure. Both these pressures are used around 300 to 3000 pounds per square inch to achieve atomization of the coating. The fluid pressure is offered by the airless pump and with this pump even the heavier metal can be sprayed easily in a positive way.

This device has various advantages, the paint coating penetrates deep into the device thereby, it covers the pits and crevices. This device offers a uniformly thick coating within a few numbers of linings. The coating is applied in wet form so that it would form a good adhesive.

HVLP Sprayers

The next important type of the paint sprayer is the HVLP sprayers, which are the high-volume low-pressure sprayers. This device is driven by the air and it requires air to push the paint back to the nozzle. The low-pressure feature allows the sprayer to spray the paint in the mist pattern.

HVLP sprayers have a high-level of efficiency and offer a thin coating for the device. These sprayers have higher efficiency and durability. This paint sprayer can be used only for thin medium, thick medium, spray liquid and latex cannot be sprayed effectively in this device. These paint sprayers are used in various places such as the interior decoration, small projects, small to medium exteriors, etc.

Compressed Air Sprayers

Compressed air sprayers are also an important type and variety of air sprayers used for producing even finish and settings. These sprayers use compressed air and are commonly used for painting in the furniture and the cabinets. The operations of the compressed air sprayers are messy and they emit more overspray than the other paint sprayers. This sprayer is equipped with the help of an air compressor and the paint gun.

The important advantage of this paint sprayer is that it can use all kinds and varieties of paints with high durability and success. The cost of the compressed air sprayers is much less than the other types and varieties of air sprayers.

There are various other types of air sprayers in the market but, these sprayers are efficient and they are used for many features and functions. So, try one of the paint sprayers in your household and enjoy the mist of colors within the houses.

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