Are Electrostatic Paint Sprayers Beneficial?

Electrostatic Paint Sprayers

If you unaware of the working and benefits of an electrostatic paint sprayer, then take a look down in this article to gain more information about the electrostatic paint spraying technique. The electrostatic paint spraying process is a perfect solution for painting metal accessories as it makes use of the electrostatic fields to paint the required metal items, to prevent the rust formation.

The Electrostatic Paint Sprayers

An electrostatic painting sprayer helps to apply the negative charge coating over any kind of metals. This negative ionic coating requires grounding to attract the target. The electrostatic paint sprayer is adapted to the basic sprayers such as HVLP, Air assist, airless but, adds an electric charge to improve the efficiency of the paint transfer.

The electrostatic paint sprayer makes use of the paint to spray over the metals by means of attracting the oppositely charged electrostatic fields. This electrostatic paint sprayer tool consists of the small electrodes at the tip of the paint sprayer gun to form the high voltage electricity for painting. The electrostatic paint sprayer constitutes the ability to make use of both the oil based and water based paints.

This video shows How to Use an Electrostatic Spray Gun

How Does An Electrostatic Paint Sprayer Work?

The electrostatic paint sprayer works based on the principle of an electrostatic field and charging, to paint the metal surface to get the professional painting outlook. The electrode implemented in the paint sprayer tip helps for the high electricity voltages so that the paint moves at a slow pace through the sprayer head. This makes the paint, negatively charged and when the paint is applied, it becomes positively charged, to get attracted towards the negatively charged paint.

The paint present in the sprayer usually rubs against the sides of the sprayer, to provide the negative charge over the paint for perfect affixation. This negatively charged paint sticks well to any kind of conductive surface, to provide a perfect paint finish. The user can easily mix the particular paint to form the chemical catalyst and then, it is coated for the metal accessories. This electrostatic paint sprayer acts as the magnet to stick the paint on any kind of surface area with perfect paint finish.

Are Electrostatic Paint Sprayers Beneficial?

The electrostatic paint sprayer tool consists of several beneficial factors to help the user to decorate their interior and exterior outlook. The main benefit of using this electrostatic paint sprayer is to prevent and reduce the wastage of paints thereby, helping to save the money invested. This electrostatic paint sprayer reduces the over spraying.

It provides the professional outlook of painting work. The electrostatic paint sprayer helps to reduce the extra coating and paint wastage. It is suitable to minimize the wastage of power. With the presence of electricity, painting process becomes fast and easy.

This spraying tool is equipped with safety measures to safeguard human life. The Electrostatic paint sprayer is one of the electrostatic friendly machines which stick perfectly with the water based and solvent based coating.

So, these paint sprayers even if they are not fully beneficial, they are useful to a certain extent.


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