Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator review

Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator

The Ninja PRO V2 regulator is designed with a new ball bearing for offering a lot of durability and better airflow. The depressing pin is replaced by this ball to make the users more comfortable when they play their game. The PRO V2 can be rotated in 360 degrees to ensure proper gauge and fill nipple orientation.

The most important benefit of this Ninja Paintball is it is 30% lighter than the standard fiber wrapped tanks, also the ninja SL Carbon Fiber Tank has set the newly innovated standard for how light a paintball air system can be. It allows you to remove up to three shims inside the regulator to drop the pressure down to 950 psi. It also uses the steel braided line with the PRO V2 SHP because of its increased seal integrity. The tank size of the paintball is about 68 cubic inches which can hold a maximum pressure of 4500 psi; it is a carbon fiber tank.

So it comes with a high-pressure regulator that is set to output around 300 psi which is an amazing low-pressure value used for most of the bob long guns. It is possible to rotate the tank to 360 degrees because of its adjustment collar and offers 1200 shots per fill depending on the marker. It is also designed with a new ball valve seal for providing optimum performance.

Features of Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator review

Twist Technology:

The Ninja paintball designs and builds high quality compressed air systems and it offers four different output pressures which will cover all the markers. The twist technology allows you to simply and quickly align the fill nipple. It comes with a rotating collar which allows your gauge and fills the whole nipple to align in one direction. This paintball is adjustable for 800psi, 650 psi, 550 psi and 450 psi.

The most frequently used value is 800psi because it can easily release the pressure from the gun. It is specifically built for those who require a high level of input pressure which also includes an aluminum bonnet and mini gauge.

The twist technology allows the players to rotate to 360 degrees by just simply loosening the three set screws, adjust and then re-tighten it. So this helps you to position the gauge where it is easy to read and fill the nibble. It is better to preset to 1100 psi output for some applications that require higher than the normal pressure.

Efficiency dynamics:

The Ninja paintball tanks come in a variety of sizes and it is one of the innovative standard regulators which are completely rotational. It also features the ball valve design which offers you 30% increased flow over the other regulators.

This paintball gives you the ability to adjust the output pressure so you can decide whatever marker is perfect to shoot. It is rebuild-able which comes with a standard size gauge and a long lasting alloy bonnet. The two common sized paintball tanks are 68/4500 and 50/4500 which are perfect for any beginners.

It also produces an efficient performance and gives you the best possible setup for your gun. The 68/4500 paintball gets about 1200 to 1300 shots off of just one fill which is very small and lightweight. Ninja’s efficiency dynamics allows you to adjust the pressure by increasing or decreasing the adequate number of shims within the PRO regulator for better performance.

Mini Fill Valve:

The Ninja Paintball HPA tank Mini Fill Valve is the main component for extending the life of your compressed air tank. It is the best valves which keep the dirt out and pressure in to maintain the correct reading of pressure.

It is constructed with hardened and plated steel up to 5000 psi for offering an efficient performance. The parts of this mini fill valves are replacement mini fill nipple as well as the integrated one-way valve. The longer strut material is utilized to reduce the pollutants in the air because it is wrapped up with male threads.

The regulator has two different types of output pressures which depend on the marker you are shooting. If you use the Tippmann markers then you remove just 1 shim to reduce the pressure to 950 psi, it is done because of this non-wrist digging, low profile design valve. The main benefit of this mini fill valve is that it can remove all the dust and moisture particles from the gun and keeps it very clean.

Improved Seal Integrity:

The Ninja Pro regulator features the new ball valve seal to increase the overall performance and efficiency for the players. This new ball valve seal will allow up to 30% increased airflow and better seal integrity for the paint tanks. It also allows super high pressure and it is set to 1100 psi and is adjustable down to 950 psi.

This regulator is specifically designed to G6R paintball gun to get maximum performance out of these paintball markers. It also comes with a standard mini gauge and mini valve to save the weight.

The Ninja pro regulator also uses the sonic recharge technology so it is possible to preset to an 1100 psi for output applications which will be higher than the normal pressure. If you need to improve the seal integrity then use 4500 psi system for fast recharge rates so there will not be shot down or pressure drop off during long and fast shot strings.

Advantages of Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator review:

Ninja Paintball is the top product in the market because of its PRO SHP tank regulator; it also introduces the second generation of their sonic recharge technology. You can easily position the gauge where it is easy to read and fill nipple which will not touch the wrist.

Now let’s see some of the benefits of this Ninja Paintball Pro v2 regulator review.

Adjustment Shims:

The shims can be adjustable which helps to change the output pressure on the tank to increase its efficiency. It is better to use three shims for output pressure at 800 psi, two shims for 700 psi and just one shim for 550 psi. As long as you go lower to the tank’s capacity you can get more effective shots.

The number of shims in the regulator will be perfectly stated in the manual so you can get a clear idea for fixing the pressure range. The PRO regulators use a micro fill valve and a micro gauge to become completely 360 degrees adjustable.

The Ninja Paintball is adjustable between 450 to 850 psi output pressures; with the help of these qualities, it is possible to use it on any gun to get the best performance. The PRO v2 adjustable shims come with four different output pressure ranging from 450 psi to 1100 psi because it is very simple to adjust the shims by removing it from the interior part of the regulator.

Compressed air:

The ninja paintball PRO v2 regulator makes use of the compressed air to offer more consistency and reliability in the air source. Both the compressed air and CO2 paintball tanks provide a larger amount of pressure for a paintball marker to cycle and propel it. Instead of filling the tank with water it is advisable to use the pressure up to the tank’s capacity of 3000 psi or 4500 psi. The Ninja regulator bonnet PRO v2 takes the benefit of increasing the overall performance by 30% airflow. It gives a massive improvement in the field of paint balls.

The most important benefit of these tanks is it is crafted with an extremely lightweight material. So you may not feel uncomfortable to use this paintball tanks. The pressure you raised into the tank will be regulated through the tan’s regulator on the way into your gun.

The HPA pressure is more stable than the carbon-dioxide, which can be able to change due to shooting fast or playing in cold weather. It is crafted with an ultimate lightweight material so it is maintained in a good condition. The ninja paintball will give you the best possible setup for the gun because it is the overall combination of aesthetics and performance.

Ultra lightweight:

The ninja paintball is designed with lightweight materials to offer ease and comfort to the players on the field. The newly innovated sonic recharge technology aluminum piston is used to eliminate the regulator to shoot down. The shim pressure adjustment can change the output pressure by just adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons.

It is ultra lightweight because just 1.8 pounds is used inside the tanks but it can give you 900 shots per fill which highly depends on the marker. The ninja paintball super lite paintball tanks are the lightest paintball tanks in the game; also the ninja SL HPA tanks create the new standard for lightweight carbon fiber compressed air systems. This specific regulator ships at 1100 psi, to increase the rate of fire from your gun because it can shoot up to 20 balls per second. It is capable of offering 30% increased airflow to the player.

Wrapping Up!

A Ninja Paintball PRO v2 regulator is the top choice in the market today. It produces a high range of output to work efficiently than a majority of other paintball markers. The design is very simple and well-suited for even beginners.


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