Kobalt Paint Sprayer Review On How To Use It?


Kobalt is a leading company producing the paint sprayers. As it is made of the durable materials, it has a long lifespan. Also, it is equipped with the special and advanced features, which makes the device give an excellent performance. Its portable design covers a great area on the surface of the target materials.

kobalt paint sprayer review

Kobalt Paint Sprayer Review- How To Operate?

First of all, the gun should be placed at an angle to the surface and move it parallel towards it. To control the gun, the trigger should be released before the end of the stroke. Based on the target material, you should place the gun away from the surface at about 6 or 12 inches.

To attain an even finish, lap each stroke over the previous stroke. Be sure that the spray should be smooth and wet. The low atomizing pressure is used to reduce the overspray and maximize the efficiency.

At the time of operation, the nozzle should be placed in a horizontal position and the air cap should be pointed in an upward direction. When the gun is moved back and forth, parallel to the surface, it gives the vertical pattern, which gives the maximum coverage on the surface of the materials.

Finally, the most noteworthy thing is that the user should handle the gun in a proper way to provide the perfect finish on the materials.

Caring And Maintenance

Drown the front end of the gun in the solvent until the fluid connection is covered. The user should paint the gun, and the debris, dust, rust, etc., should be removed by the bristle brush and the solvent. Avoid submerging the whole spray gun into the solvent because the air passages inside the gun will get clogged with the dirty solvent.

As a result, it dissolves the lubricant in the leather, which gets dried and becomes difficult to operate.  Furthermore, the user should wipe down the outside part of the gun with the rag moistened and solvent. Finally, the important point to note is that one should oil the sprayer daily so that it can perform well.

Safety Precautions

  • You should wear the ear protective device. Otherwise, the heavy sound levels might cause damage to the ear.
  • Avoid inhaling dust and other debris, which produces hazards to your health.
  • Do not  spray near the ignition sources such as the pilot lights, welders, etc.
  • Avoid smoking in the working areas.
  • Always keep the fire extinguisher ready.
Kobalt 2-In Air Paint Sprayer

Key Features: lightweight, aluminum cup, HVLP design.

Pros: gives smooth coverage, saves time, reduces overspray, portable.

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