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Paint Sprayers presents our detailed examination and review of the Graco Ultra Max 17M367. This nifty, cordless airless paint sprayer is one of the most talked-about devices for home projects. Graco Inc. has been providing contractors and home improvement enthusiasts with amazing spray equipment. Their tools and machines are used by companies and people in various industries, from construction and manufacturing. Is their supposedly innovative paint sprayer right for your current project? Let’s find out.

Graco Ultra Max 17m367

Product Specification

The Graco Ultra Max was built with two things in mind: portability and convenience. These are reflected in the specifications of the airless paint sprayer.

Weight: 5.25 Pounds

Tank Capacity: 32 ounces

Tip Size: 0.016

Maximum Pressure: Up to 2000 PSI

Output: 1 gallon per charge

Compatible With: Water-based paints, latex paints, enamel paints, solvent-borne paints, paint primer, stains, and varnishes.

Graco Inc. designed the Graco Ultra Max to be as portable as possible, as shown by the device’s relatively light weight and the tank capacity. It’s other features, however, emphasize convenience.

Advanced pressure control provided by the Graco Ultra Max’s ProControl II Pressure Control lets you adjust the machine’s pressure as needed. Different materials work better under different amounts of pressure. For example, low pressure is better for thinner materials like water-based paints to conserve fluid. Thicker materials like acrylic paints need higher pressure to spray. The ProControl exerts fine control over the fluids, ensuring no fluctuations that might lead to unappealing globs or stains.

Spray tips can be attached to the Graco Ultra Max for more control and flawless finish. You can replace the tip with a screwdriver and their tip size can range from 0.008 to 0.016.

Disposable FlexLiners make it easier to clean and use the Graco Ultra Max. Each device comes with six bags that can hold up to 32 ounces of paint or primer. They also make it easier to setup. Just fill a bag, squeeze, and start spraying. After using, you can either clean the FlexLiner bags or simply throw them away. Cleaning the bags are easy as well. Fill the bag with a cleaning solution, spray into a bucket, and you’re good to go.

Pros of the Graco Ultra Max

So, what are the advantages of owning a Graco Ultra Max? 

It’s portable. The Graco Ultra Max is perfectly sized to be carried around and it only weighs 5.25 pounds. The cordless set up allows you to use it for painting projects that may not be close to a power socket. 

It’s easy to use. The combination of the ProControl II and the disposable FlexLiners make the Graco Ultra Max easy to use for both painting professionals and newbies. 

Quick cleanup. The disposable FlexLiners give you the option of simply throwing away the bag after using or cleaning it, which is also a quick task. This means your turnaround for cleanup on the device is lower than with other models.

Good warranty. Graco Inc. provides you with a great one-year warranty and excellent customer service. Both these features make the Graco Ultra Max a great addition to your toolbox.

Even coverage. The ProControl II lets you fine tune the Graco Ultra Max’s pressure, allowing you to spray evenly and consistently with a wide variety of materials, from water-based paints to thick enamel paints.

Cons of the Graco Ultra Max

Despite its convenient and portable features, the Graco Ultra Max does have a few drawbacks stemming from compromises made with the designs.

Short battery life. Because of its cordless nature, the Graco Ultra Max is heavily reliant on its ion batteries. A fully charged device can spray up to a gallon of material before it requires recharging. Although this might not seem so inconvenient, the Graco Ultra Max can’t be used while it’s plugged in, meaning you have to put your project on pause until its fully charged. Thankfully, it can reach maximum charge in 35 minutes.

Low capacity. The FlexiLiners can only hold a maximum of 32 ounces, which means you can refill around two to three times before having to recharge. Although the paint sprayer’s design makes it easy to replace and clean the FlexiLiners, it can still be a mild inconvenience if you’re used to spraying for a prolonged period before refilling.


What are our final thoughts regarding the Graco Ultra Max? After taking a closer look at its features, advantages, and disadvantages, the Graco Ultra Max is more suitable for small to medium projects. The battery charge and the paint capacity of the FlexiLiners means if you want to complete a job, it better be scaled smaller. 

It’s still an excellent addition to any toolbox, given its portability and ease of use. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a beginner, the Graco Ultra Max can help you complete small projects easily. 

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