Graco Magnum 257025 Review

GracoMagnum 257025

Paint Sprayer presents our analysis and detailed review of the Graco Magnum 257025. This lightweight and affordable device is a great entry level-paint sprayer. Graco Inc. is renowned for coming up with designs for spray paint equipment for contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Their equipment is used by professional painters and those interested in home improvement projects alike. Is Graco’s Magnum 257025 Paint Sprayer perfect for your next purchase? Read our detailed analysis below and find out.

Graco Magnum 257025

Product Specification

The Graco Magnum was built to cater to large area projects as well as act as a perfect entry purchase.

Weight: 10 pounds

Capacity: Can be attached directly to 1-gallon to 5-gallon paint containers.

Tip Size: Compatible with tips of .009, 0.011, and 0.013.

Output: Can spray up to 0.24 gallons a minute.

Maximum Pressure: Can reach up to 2,800 PSI

Hose: Comes with a 25-foot hose attached to the gun but a 40-foot hose is also available.

Compatible With: Thicker materials such as latex- and oil-based paints. You don’t have to thin these out before using.

Stainless steel piston pump allows the paint sprayer to achieve the high pressure needed to atomize thick and viscous painting material. 

Flexible suction tube can be hooked directly to paint containers. The tube can be attached to 1-gallon paint containers for smaller projects or to 5-gallon containers for larger projects like painting an entire wall or fence.

Power flush adapter technology allows you to connect the paint sprayer with a garden hose or similar fixture. Opening the garden hose lets you flush the paint sprayer for easier cleaning.

Compact design gives the Graco Magnum a highly stable and low build, featuring a pail hook that allows you to carry the entire thing, paint bucket included, without much difficulty.

Pros of the Graco Magnum

The Graco Magnum 257025 comes with the following advantages. 

Lightweight. Without a paint container hooked up to the device, the entire thing weighs only a snug 10-pounds. You can carry it around without a problem, making it perfect for painting large areas.

Long hose. The device comes with a 25-foot hose, which is lengthy enough for a lot of home improvement or small-scale construction projects. However, you can purchase a 40-foot hose if you’re interested in painting a larger area.

Large area coverage. Speaking of painting large areas, the flexible suction tube and its long hose make it perfect for such undertakings. The high capacity means you won’t have to refill it for a long time. With a spray pattern width of up to 12 inches you can cover a large area without much difficulty. 

Easy to clean. Because of the Power Flush adapter, just pull or carry the machine to your nearest garden hose and hook it up and run the water. It can even come with the Reverse-A-Clean tip. By reversing this tip, you can reverse water flow and expel any blockage quickly.

Cons of the Graco Magnum

The Graco Magnum does have a few flaws, despite its many advantages.

Overspray. Although its tip and nozzles were designed to prevent this problem, testing the device reveals that overspray is very much still a problem. If you’re looking for a neater job, this will be an issue.

Less than sturdy components. Several parts of the machine are made of plastic. This isn’t always a bad thing and just because these parts are plastic doesn’t mean they aren’t going to last long, but they are not as sturdy as other materials.

Not equipped for precision jobs. The Graco Magnum’s focus on large area coverage means that it’s not built for detailed jobs. The spray tips aren’t sized for precision work and shouldn’t be used for them.


The Graco Magnum is a good entry level device for painters beginning to branch out to large area projects or for DIY enthusiasts who are also looking for equipment to achieve the same thing. The hose length and capacity make it easier to cover such an area. It’s easy-to-clean design also helps reduce turnaround time when you’re switching paints. Simply run water through the sprayer after using one paint, attach the flexible paint hose to another container of paint and resume working. 

Although admittedly not your go-to device, its nonetheless a good first machine for beginners. This is especially true if your needs mostly revolve around large areas such as walls and fences instead of precision jobs. The fact that you can attach the flexible hose directly to the paint bucket also makes it more convenient since you don’t have to contend with various cup attachments to hold your paint in. If you’re interested in looking at our reviews of the best paint sprayers on the market, check out our website and allow us to help you decide the best equipment suited for your needs.


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