Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer Review


As this is an airless paint sprayer, this device is operated completely with the help of the pressure within the sprayer. The Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer is compact and this device is specially designed for the household use. Look at the campbell Hausefeld airless sprayer review here to know about its features in detail.

Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer Review

The Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer is useful with high efficiency. This paint sprayer can be used for various purposes because it has the Quadra flow facility. Added to this, the product has various important features and advantages.

Features Of The Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer

The Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer has various important features and the important of those are listed below.


The Quadraflow is a unique technology that is found in the compact devices. With this technology, the device can obtain high performance and durability. Further, this technology enables the device to operate durable in various environmental situations and conditions.

TFEC Electric Motor

The TFEC electric motor is a powerful electric motor and can be abbreviated as “Totally enclosed, fan cooled”. The heat liberated by this motor can be cooled by the fan enclosed in it. Added to this, the motor is used for producing high pressure within the paint sprayer. This pressure is used for spraying the paint within the device with higher efficiency.

This motor can be used for spraying various kinds of liquids and paints to various household and small substances. It can also be used for painting the surface area with multiple coats. The liquids that are durable with this device are oil-based paint, latex, oil-based stain, primers, and roof coatings.

Diaphragm Pump

The diaphragm pump is a device that is used to pump the paint to the sprayer. It has a long life cartilage valve and these valves offer high performance with less maintenance and efficiency. It is made up of sodium aluminum block with brass fitting so that the lifetime of the entire product is high.


The Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer is made up of heavy duty frames, which are equipped with durable handles. This frame has a foldable design and so, it can be stored easily in any place. The lightweight design of the frame makes it portable and easy to use.

Spray Gun

The spray gun used within the device has an ergonomic design and so, it can be used in various places. This design also encloses the Quadraflow technology. Therefore the spray gun has less clogging and less overspray. The body of the spray gun is made up of high-quality metal with hose swivel.


The working of the Campbell Hausfeld paint sprayer is very simple when compared to the other conventional paint sprayers. The airless method makes this device effective even for painting small devices with higher efficiency. This device offers high performance and even the beginners can use this device.


The two gun design makes it easier to use on any type of spraying surfaces. This device can be used for painting both the interior and exterior areas in various ways. As this is a specially designed household device, it can be used for painting small logs, to big walls. This device can be used at various heights as the hose length is about 200 meters. The motor used within the device is powerful and so, it can be operated with various pressure ranges.

Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer

Key features: 200 feet hose, TEFC electric motor and Quadraflow technology.

Pros: high performance, durable and easy to use.

These are the various features, working, and advantages of the Campbell Hausfeld Quadraflow paint sprayer. So, try this device and share your views in the box given below.



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