7 ways to Successfully remove Spray Paint from your Skin & Nails


If you work with paint then getting spray paint on your skin is normal. If you are a first timer then removing paint from your skin will give a lot of pain. It is possible to get rid of paint with a variety of solutions and oil-based liquids. While working to remove the stain always resist harsh scrubbing, you can make use of baby oil, acetone and many other solutions to wash it out. Drizzle some oil over a fresh cotton ball but it must be naturally antiseptic and potent to wash the paint away.

  1. Use a hand lotion or cream:

It is a good idea to use the hand lotion or cream to get rid of the spray paint from your skin. This specific method will be time-consuming but gives a better result after applied over the skin. A good quality moisturizing creams contain oil which can easily remove the paint off the skin and nails. Pick a baby lotion because it doesn’t have chemicals, fragrances, and dyes which makes it safe for the skin. Gently rub the lotion thoroughly using your hands but don’t give too much of pressure to your skin.

  1. Make use of olive oil onto your skin:

Rub the olive oil thoroughly over your skin because it will weaken the bond between paint and the skin. Just hold your hands over the sink and gently pour a good amount of olive oil into your palms. Then rub the hands together to remove the paint, never use corrosive oils. Because it can cause irritation on your skin if you have a cooking spray then directly apply it over the hands and nails. Rinse the oil under the running water, if some amount of paint is remaining then again repeat the same process. You can also use soap to get rid of the oily feeling. 

  1. Good to use Standard paint removers:

Paint removers are the best option to wash out the paint quickly from your skin as well as the nails. It is a chemical solution which is designed to remove paint from various surfaces. If you have a sensitive skin then it is better to avoid this method because it can cause irritation to your skin. You may feel disturbed and itchy when you apply it, use a cotton ball and dip into a nail polish remover and gently rub it on the skin until the paint is washed out. Clean the area using the cotton towel to keep it safe and protected from various pollutants.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly:

You can put petroleum jelly on the paint covered skin to remove it quickly. But make sure not to coat too much of jelly using your fingers. Gently don’t spread it all over the skin, just apply it wherever you see the paint. It is also possible to combine the petroleum jelly with lotion and cream, wait for some time after coating it over the skin. Wipe the jelly and the paint off using a clean paper towel, you must wait for a while so that the jelly can be given time to bond with the paint.

  1. Take a shower:

It is one of the simplest and easiest methods because you can just stand under a hot shower immediately after the paint was applied to your skin. Use the mild soap but that should suit your skin; it is also a good idea to rub the soap on the skin with a small toothbrush. Gently rub it in a circular motion and this will reduce the risk of skin damage because of the soft bristles produced from the soap. After taking shower, make your skin dry with a clean towel. Apply a moisturizing cream to dry up your skin because it maintains the skin health. 

  1. Use purification oil instead of vegetable oil:

It is better to use purification essential oil instead of vegetable oil because it is the combination of multiple oils which is used to eliminate odor. Massage the oil with your hands completely over the paint covered area to remove it from your skin and nails. Just use a few drops of oil to blend directly onto your skin where the spray paint is seen too much. Continue applying until the paint is fully gone; if not then repeat the process for some more time. Be careful not to touch your eyes.

  1. Rinse the soap off your skin:

You can make use of soap to instantly get rid of paint from your skin. it is also possible to apply a baby oil with a clean cotton ball over the body after washing with the soap. It efficiently rids your skin of spray paint stains, because baby oil is very gentle and gives the soft touch to your body. Gently scrub in circles to clean the paint so it will loosen after a few moments. By doing this, you will get a fresh and smooth feel so it removes the bad odor from your body.

Wrapping Up!

Gently coat your hands with oil or a liquid soap allow it to dry! Before you start to paint look at the above guidelines to protect your skin and nails.

Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator review

Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator

The Ninja PRO V2 regulator is designed with a new ball bearing for offering a lot of durabilities and better airflow. The depressing pin is replaced by this ball to make the users more comfortable when they play their game. The PRO V2 can be rotated in 360 degrees to ensure proper gauge and fill nipple orientation.

The most important benefit of this Ninja Paintball is it is 30% lighter than the standard fiber wrapped tanks, also the ninja SL Carbon Fiber Tank has set the newly innovated standard for how light a paintball air system can be. It allows you to remove up to three shims inside the regulator to drop the pressure down to 950 psi. It also uses the steel braided line with the PRO V2 SHP because of its increased seal integrity. The tank size of the paintball is about 68 cubic inches which can hold a maximum pressure of 4500 psi; it is a carbon fiber tank.

So it comes with a high-pressure regulator that is set to output around 300 psi which is an amazing low-pressure value used for most of the bob long guns. It is possible to rotate the tank to 360 degrees because of its adjustment collar and offers 1200 shots per fill depending on the marker. It is also designed with a new ball valve seal for providing optimum performance.

Features of Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator review

Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator review

Twist Technology:

The Ninja paintball designs and builds high quality compressed air systems and it offers four different output pressures which will cover all the markers. The twist technology allows you to simply and quickly align the fill nipple. It comes with a rotating collar which allows your gauge and fills the whole nipple to align in one direction. This paintball is adjustable for 800psi, 650 psi, 550 psi and 450 psi.

The most frequently used value is 800psi because it can easily release the pressure from the gun. It is specifically built for those who require a high level of input pressure which also includes an aluminum bonnet and mini gauge.

The twist technology allows the players to rotate to 360 degrees by just simply loosening the three set screws, adjust and then retighten it. So this helps you to position the gauge where it is easy to read and fill the nibble. It is better to preset to 1100 psi output for some applications that require higher than the normal pressure.

Efficiency dynamics:

The Ninja paintball tanks come in a variety of sizes and it is one of the innovative standard regulators which are completely rotational. It also features the ball valve design which offers you 30% increased flow over the other regulators.

This paintball gives you the ability to adjust the output pressure so you can decide whatever marker is perfect to shoot. It is rebuildable which comes with a standard size gauge and a long lasting alloy bonnet. The two common sized paintball tanks are 68/4500 and 50/4500 which are perfect for any beginners.

It also produces an efficient performance and gives you the best possible setup for your gun. The 68/4500 paintball gets about 1200 to 1300 shots off of just one fill which is very small and lightweight. Ninja’s efficiency dynamics allows you to adjust the pressure by increasing or decreasing the adequate number of shims within the PRO regulator for better performance.

Mini Fill Valve:

The Ninja Paintball HPA tank Mini Fill Valve is the main component for extending the life of your compressed air tank. It is the best valves which keep the dirt out and pressure in to maintain the correct reading of pressure.

It is constructed with hardened and plated steel up to 5000 psi for offering an efficient performance. The parts of this mini fill valves are replacement mini fill nipple as well as the integrated one-way valve. The longer strut material is utilized to reduce the pollutants in the air because it is wrapped up with male threads.

The regulator has two different types of output pressures which depend on the marker you are shooting. If you use the Tippmann markers then you remove just 1 shim to reduce the pressure to 950 psi, it is done because of this non-wrist digging, low profile design valve. The main benefit of this mini fill valve is that it can remove all the dust and moisture particles from the gun and keeps it very clean.

Improved Seal Integrity:

The Ninja Pro regulator features the new ball valve seal to increase the overall performance and efficiency for the players. This new ball valve seal will allow up to 30% increased airflow and better seal integrity for the paint tanks. It also allows super high pressure and it is set to 1100 psi and is adjustable down to 950 psi.

This regulator is specifically designed to G6R paintball gun to get maximum performance out of these paintball markers. It also comes with a standard mini gauge and mini valve to save the weight.

The Ninja pro regulator also uses the sonic recharge technology so it is possible to preset to an 1100 psi for output applications which will be higher than the normal pressure. If you need to improve the seal integrity then use 4500 psi system for fast recharge rates so there will not be shot down or pressure drop off during long and fast shot strings.

Advantages of Ninja Paintball Pro V2 Regulator review:

Ninja Paintball is the top product in the market because of its PRO SHP tank regulator; it also introduces the second generation of their sonic recharge technology. You can easily position the gauge where it is easy to read and fill nipple which will not touch the wrist.

Now let’s see some of the benefits of this Ninja Paintball Pro v2 regulator review.

Adjustment Shims:

The shims can be adjustable which helps to change the output pressure on the tank to increase its efficiency. It is better to use three shims for output pressure at 800 psi, two shims for 700 psi and just one shim for 550 psi. As long as you go lower to the tank’s capacity you can get more effective shots.

The number of shims in the regulator will be perfectly stated in the manual so you can get a clear idea for fixing the pressure range. The PRO regulators use a micro fill valve and a micro gauge to become completely 360 degrees adjustable.

The Ninja Paintball is adjustable between 450 to 850 psi output pressures; with the help of these qualities, it is possible to use it on any gun to get the best performance. The PRO v2 adjustable shims come with four different output pressure ranging from 450 psi to 1100 psi because it is very simple to adjust the shims by removing it from the interior part of the regulator.

Compressed air:

The ninja paintball PRO v2 regulator makes use of the compressed air to offer more consistency and reliability in the air source. Both the compressed air and CO2 paintball tanks provide a larger amount of pressure for a paintball marker to cycle and propel it. Instead of filling the tank with water it is advisable to use the pressure up to the tank’s capacity of 3000 psi or 4500 psi. The Ninja regulator bonnet PRO v2 takes the benefit of increasing the overall performance by 30% airflow. It gives a massive improvement in the field of paintballs.

The most important benefit of these tanks is it is crafted with an extremely lightweight material. So you may not feel uncomfortable to use this paintball tanks. The pressure you raised into the tank will be regulated through the tan’s regulator on the way into your gun.

The HPA pressure is more stable than the carbon-dioxide, which can be able to change due to shooting fast or playing in cold weather. It is crafted with an ultimate lightweight material so it is maintained in a good condition. The ninja paintball will give you the best possible setup for the gun because it is the overall combination of aesthetics and performance.

Ultra lightweight:

The ninja paintball is designed with lightweight materials to offer ease and comfort to the players on the field. The newly innovated sonic recharge technology aluminum piston is used to eliminate the regulator to shoot down. The shim pressure adjustment can change the output pressure by just adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons.

It is ultra lightweight because just 1.8 pounds is used inside the tanks but it can give you 900 shots per fill which highly depends on the marker. The ninja paintball super lite paintball tanks are the lightest paintball tanks in the game; also the ninja SL HPA tanks create the new standard for lightweight carbon fiber compressed air systems. This specific regulator ships at 1100 psi, to increase the rate of fire from your gun because it can shoot up to 20 balls per second. It is capable of offering 30% increased airflow to the player.

Wrapping Up!

A Ninja Paintball PRO v2 regulator is the top choice in the market today. It produces a high range of output to work efficiently than a majority of other paintball markers. The design is very simple and well-suited for even beginners.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun Review 2019

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun

It is very essential to have a good paintball gun or marker when you need to play and enjoy the whole day. The Planet Eclipse paintball guns are not only stylish but also offer an extreme speed of firing from the gun. If you need the perfect paintball marker for your style and level of play then this will be the greatest choice for you.

It is ultimately designed with lightweight components to make you comfortable while you trigger the gun for spraying the paint over walls or other surfaces. It is the best choice for beginners because of its easy to use capabilities like lightweight, stability, durability, etc.

The external part of this gun is covered with high-grade aluminum to offer high durability. It is a small, lightweight marker so it is easy to carry around and it will never affect your playing. The most important benefit of this paintball gun is, it is very easy to use and fires spontaneously as soon as you trigger the gun.

Features of Planet Eclipse 2 Paintball Gun

The planet eclipse Etha is the great choice for beginners because it is very simple to use and maintain. It is the perfect marker for those seeking to balance the performance. It is the best paintball equipment as possible.

ETHA 2 Spec & Features


Weight - 997 g

Length - 555mm

Height - 216mm

Width - 39mm


Bolt Mechanism - Spool Cure ST1

Operating Principle - Spool Valve

Drive Mechanism - Gamma Core

Solenoid Type - Bespoke in-house 3-way 


Frame - GRN

Barrel - 6061-T6 Aluminium

Trigger - 6061-T6 Aluminium

Battery Mount - Glass Reinforced Nylon


Trigger Method - Micro-switch

Trigger Mechanism - Leaf Spring Return

Barrel - 2-Piece 14.5" Micro honed

Trigger Pivot - Plated pin

Built To Handle The Harshest Of Environments - Etha 2

The Etha 2 paintball gun is redesigned to provide optimal performance and highly upgraded to give a stylish and attractive look. The exterior part of this marker is designed with GRN composite and the interior portion is covered with aluminum. This design makes the gun very unique and different from other products.


The marker uses a spring return, so the bolt will be sent back to its position automatically after completing each shot. The Planet Eclipse Etha comes with a hose-less air transfer system, which offers easy to access and fill up so you can feel comfortable while playing on the field.

The marker is protected both inside and outside to provide efficient and smooth performance. It is also designed with nylon material in its eye cover, feed neck and grip frame to make the gun highly durable. It offers great accuracy to hit your target from far position, the design is very simple so even beginners can make use of it to enjoy and have fun.


Planet eclipse offers an adequate grip spacing which helps you to hold the marker more efficiently. The paintball guns can be fired as quickly as the trigger can be pulled, and some of the best guns are wrapped with hard and long trigger pulls.

This can be able to make the effective rate of fire around 5 to 6 shots each second. There is a lot of space left between the frame and the trigger guard so you may not feel uncomfortable while holding the gun. It makes you free and gives a natural feel during the shoot.

It comes with a microswitch for safe as well as convenient manipulation. The stretched out grip makes it easy to shoot so you can hit the highest shot easily, it is built-in with a single piece GRN frame and foregrip so the hold of the paintball marker has no effect on the shot. Ramping is the best way to increase the speed of fire; as long as the player pulls the gun the shooting will be faster and reach the maximum of around 20 balls per second.

Gamma Core Valve

The beating heart of Planet Eclipse Etha gun is the Gamma core. It is highly efficient without the need for electronic adjustment or tuning as well as making it highly reliable in all conditions. If you need to paint most fragile paint then the Gamma core can be used because of its finely controlled 3-stage bolt acceleration.

It also utilizes a unique system where the spool and bolt are fully decoupled from each other. In this case, the air is used to drive the bolt forward and it is also released down the barrel and not vented into the atmosphere.

The frame of the gun is wrapped in dual-density rubber grips to protect the entire circuit board. This core valve is specifically designed to withstand even in harsh weather conditions especially during cold or winter seasons. The stretched pitch of fore grip and frame makes the gun more stable that feels incredibly natural with a lot of space between the foregrip and trigger guard.

Bolt System

The planet eclipse gun uses the spring return bolt system to enhance the firing performance. This marker is designed with a strong GRN frame and a foregrip. The bolt system uses dual-stage acceleration so it is easy to pick the paintball even at a lower speed. It is useful to move smoothly through the barrel because the exterior components are wrapped with rubber extension ahead of the bolt.

When you begin to shoot, it gives a good cushioning feel as you move the ball inside the barrel. It also has fully adjustable PCB which can easily control the firing modes which are semi-automatic and de-bounce.

The entire unit is controlled and maintained by just a single screw so you can frequently access the internal parts. It has a well efficient hose less air transfer system to avoid leakages from the gun. This helps to improve the efficiency of the gun which is relatively higher than other products.

Benefits of using Planet eclipse Etha 2 gun

Fires Rapidly

Planet Eclipse is one of the leading high-end paintball markers and accessories. If a gun is equipped with a well-motorized hopper the speed can increase to more than twenty paintballs in a second. Ramping and automatic firing is the best ways to make your firing as fast as possible.

With the help of ramping the player can easily pull the trigger continuously, by the way, the circuit board can gradually increase the rate of fire. If you pull the trigger for a long time then the gun will increase the speed or ramp up the firing speed to the maximum level. The long trigger pulls make the effective rate of fire around 5 to 6 shots per second.

A fully automatic paintball gun requires the player to press the trigger only once and then you can hold it down because the gun continually fires. The machine gun can fire at around 7 or 8 balls per second but if you use electro-pneumatic guns can be able to fire about 15 balls per second.

The weight of Planet Eclipse Etha

The overall weight of Etha 2 is light and comfortable because it is designed with such kind of materials. It is perfect for beginners because they like to have an easy paintball marker for enjoying the game.

The planet eclipse Etha 2 gun is covered with the aluminum body which makes the gun extremely lightweight. It is better to use for a long or outdoor drawn-out game. The paintball gun has an SL3 regulator which can easily handle a variety of tank pressures; it is also possible to change the pressure and power behind the shot.

It is simple to rip off consecutive shots quickly; this gun can shoot even in semiautomatic mode. It is designed with two piece barrels which helps you to fire in different modes so your game will be interesting and enjoyable. The main benefit of the 2 gun is lightweight because it is completely wrapped with soft materials to offer more comfort when you try to shoot or fire.


The planet eclipse Etha 2 gun is reliable and robust because it is solidly constructed with creative and innovative engineering solutions. It is designed with an aircraft grade aluminum interior which makes it easy and amazing to shoot. The high-quality regulator offers a lot of reliability. It is mainly designed to have as much strength and to be as light as possible.

The grip frame of this gun has been constructed from aircraft grade aluminum to reduce the weight without impacting on strength. This specific paintball gun is well equipped with service systems, internal pressure sensors and multiplayer profiles to enhance the reliability and usability of the players.

It’s shooting, handling and overall performance is fantastic and the reliability has also been tried and tested in some extreme environmental situations. At every stage it gives a good balance, sound, feel as well as the reliability. It never slows you down; it helps to improve your performance much better.


Some of the drawbacks of planet eclipse Etha 2 guns are:

Increased air consumption

The Etha 2 gun uses a huge amount of air while you try to spray the paint over the surface. It can reduce the overall efficiency when you need to target the spot from the far distance. But now it is managed with few additional pods to enhance the performance which makes it fun to shoot.

Loud Noise

This gun produces loud noise which can affect your shooting. It is one of the great drawbacks for this planet eclipse Etha gun but now it is remodeled with a lot of innovative techniques. Noise must be minimized to enjoy the game for a long time. It is not extremely loud to turn you off to the idea.

Wrapping Up!

The Planet Eclipse Etha is one of the best reliable markers to use. It is the best choice for beginners and even experienced players can make use of it. It gives great fun and enjoyment while playing. I hope this review will help you decide whether this product will be perfect for you or not!