Best Paint Sprayer Reviews- An Ultimate Guide To Purchasing

Paint sprayer reviews an ultimate guide for purchasing

You might be a creative person and wish to accomplish each and every task on your own. But, when it comes to painting, you can’t simply do an amateur work by giving a coat of paint unevenly. An uneven coating will spoil the beauty of the work done. So, what are you supposed to do for painting, without relying on a painter? Relax and read the best paint sprayer reviews, Purchase a paint sprayer and get your job done.

So, what a paint sprayer actually is? It is nothing but a man-made device or a power tool, which works with a high pressure. The tool comes with a tip or a nozzle through which the paint comes out as a spray. With the help of this tool, painting becomes much easier. Also, it helps to obtain a clear and even finish, which cannot be obtained when you paint using a hand brush or a roller.

However, not all the paint sprayers are efficient in performing the job perfectly. It is essential to choose the best paint sprayer to get a quality coating of paint on a surface. To help you in choosing, we have given a complete guide about the paint sprayer, its types and the best brands of the paint sprayer.

Types Of The Paint Sprayers- What Should I Choose?

In general, the paint sprayers are classified into various types. Depending on the nature of the job to be done and the type of the paint you wish to use the types of paint sprayer to be chose varies. Continue reading to know what type you should choose.

  1. Air Paint Sprayers

The air paint sprayers are also known as the compressed air sprayers. This is because; they make use of the compressed air and spray paint as droplets. This is the best paint sprayer for cabinets and is also the best paint sprayer for furniture. They are known for its ability to give even and smooth finishing when sprayed. They require a compressor to suit the paint gun.

Further, they are suitable for using it with any type of paints and can be used for painting small to medium jobs. However, the paint sprayer has a major drawback of spilling excess paint than necessary and hence, wastes paints. Even though the paint sprayer is capable of handling paints of any thickness, it requires diluting it to become sprayable in certain cases. Also, they are expensive than the other paint sprayers and requires masking.

 For better understanding, read best Air paint sprayer reviews.

  1. Airless Paint Sprayers

The airless paint sprayers work with the help of a compressor, or any other power-driven device to spray the paint droplets. They require high pressure for spraying and are the best paint sprayers to be used for the large surfaces that require a number of coatings. As these paint sprayers work with high pressure, they can be used for spraying thick coats that are even.

In addition to this, the airless paint sprayers can be used without the need of diluting the paints. Also, they are useful for painting the uneven surfaces and also the surfaces with a number of cracks and dents. Furthermore, it sticks to any surface and hence, does not require a number of coatings, which makes them exceptional. Only an average masking is enough to use these types of paint sprayers. The downside of this tool is the heavyweight that it comes with.

For better understanding, read best airless paint sprayer reviews.

  1. Hand Held Cup Sprayers

The handheld cup sprayers as the name suggest, they can be used handheld and spray paints with the help of the gun, which comes attached to a small cup or a storage container. They are also known as the electric paint sprayers as it runs on electric current. Further, they are lightweight and hence can be categorized as the best portable paint sprayers.

Also, with its compact size, these small paint sprayers becomes the best paint sprayers for home use to paint a small surface or to give an extra coating on an already painted area, etc. They perform painting in a jiffy and are also one of the cheap paint sprayers available in the market. However, it requires masking and diluting the paint to be sprayable.

For better understanding, read best handheld paint sprayer reviews.

  1. HVLP Paint Sprayers

The HVLP as the abbreviation denotes, they require only a lesser pressure but, paints the bigger area. These paint sprayers are suitable for the works that require excellent detailing and perfection. Also, as they require only a low pressure, it helps the user to paint a surface without wearing a covering cloth to avoid stains.

However, these paint sprayers are considered suitable for performing painting in the larger area when compared to the smaller areas. In addition to this, the sprayer is not capable of spraying latex paints of more thickness, unlike the best latex paint sprayers. Furthermore, they are slow in performance when compared to the other paint sprayers.

For better understanding, read, best HVLP paint sprayer reviews

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Paint Sprayer?

There are certain factors that are essentials to be considered when choosing a paint sprayer. You have to look into the speed, size, quantity it can hold, user-friendly ability, Coating capacity, the size of the nozzle, budget, and the accessories required. Let us now look at everything in brief.

Speed- While you purchase a paint sprayer, ensure its capacity to paint with more speed. The higher the speed, the larger the surface it sprays paint. Also, the ability to reach the nook and corners also depends on upon the speed you choose.

Size- Similar to the speed options, the paint sprayers come in different sizes. It can be chosen based on the type of project you wish to do. In case you require a paint sprayer for performing household activities, you can choose a small paint sprayer else, it is better to choose a commercial sprayer for other purposes.

User-Friendliness- The paint sprayer you choose should be user-friendly and be adjustable with a different type of setting for each and every operation to be performed. Certain paint sprayers will require more labor for a simple step of filling the paint. So, make sure you purchase a paint sprayer which can be filled easily and does not require diluting to spray.

Coating Capacity- In general, the paint sprayers are known for its ability, to spray paints as droplets with pressure. However, there are certain models of paint sprayers that do not spray evenly and require multiple coating to obtain a smooth finish. So, choose wisely by reading the product manual.

Size Of The Nozzle- The speed and the performance of the paint sprayers generally depend upon the size of the nozzle that the paint sprayer comes with. The scattering of the paint relies directly upon the nozzle size. However, while choosing the size of the nozzle, you have to consider about the paint’s thickness and the area you wish to paint.

Paint Holding Capacity- The paint sprayer you choose should have an adequate size of the container to hold the paint required for spraying. It is again dependent upon the area you wish to paint. If you choose a paint sprayer with a small container, then you will have to refill it often in between your work. This will make your job even tougher.

Budget- It is one of the essential checklists to be considered when buying a paint sprayer. If you have more painting works to be done, choose the expensive ones which perform well and have good features. Else, it is good to go with the cheap paint sprayers which show decent performance.

Accessories Required- Before purchasing a model of the paint sprayer, get to know about the accessories required for it to perform well. The accessories should be provided along with the product. If you fail to notice this part, you will end up spending more money for buying the accessories essential for spraying.

What Are The Steps Involved In Using A Paint Sprayer?

Follow the steps below, to use the paint sprayer effectively.

  • The initial step is to ensure the thickness of the paint; whether it is compatible for spraying with your paint sprayer. In case if you use water based paint, thin in down using water whereas, in the case of oil paints, thin it down by using the turpentine.
  • Now, fill in the paint sprayer’s container with the diluted paint and screw it tight to avoid leaks.
  • Then, take a piece of cardboard or a junk and spray your paint on the surface to ensure if your paint is sprayed in the correct speed. This step will help you in adjusting the size of the nozzle and spray paints according to the area you wish to paint.
  • The important step is the painting. After finishing the preliminary checks, you are now ready to spray paint. Do it by pressing the trigger on the paint sprayer and slowly moving up and down or side to side. Remember; paint in a slower speed and not in a hurry. Make sure that you are not very close or far to the surface you are spraying and adjust the pressure accordingly to spray and obtain an even finish.

What Are The Useful Accessories For Painting?

The accessories that help in performing your easier includes the following,

Conditioners- The conditioners are liquids, which have to be applied to a paint sprayer in order to ensure that the paint you spray does not stick to the container. Further, they help in preventing the rust and extend the life of your sprayer.

Extension- These are rods which have to be attached to a paint sprayer to enable reaching the toughest areas such as the ceilings. They will help you in preventing the sprains you get by reaching those areas.

Filter- Fixing a filter to the paint sprayer helps in removing the contaminants from the paint and ensures the free flow of the paint. This will help in giving a smooth finish with a perfect coating by protecting the nozzle without clogging.

Hose-The hose is an important accessory required for painting. In case you wish to paint a smaller area, you can opt for a smaller hose or else, go with a longer hose to reduce the strain.

Safety Equipment- Irrespective of the type of job you perform wear protective devices such as the goggles for the eyes, protective clothes for preventing stains on your clothes, Mask for the face, etc.

Nozzle Tips- Purchase different type of tips according to your needs of painting. The tips are available for performing projects with different patterns of painting.

Best Paint Sprayer Reviews-What Are The Best Paint Sprayer Brands?

There are several brands of paint sprayers available for performing various operations and are built with different technologies. But, to choose one among them becomes a tedious task.

Among them, the brand GRACO paint sprayers offer paint sprayers with light weight and portable feature. The airless paint sprayer from this brand is popular for its ability to be useful for a variety of tasks. They have the adjustable controls for changing the pressure accordingly. They are also easy to clean and can be used for painting large surfaces too.

The second popular brand being the WAGNER paint sprayer is famous for its feature of providing control to avoid the over spraying and wasting the paint. They are the best latex paint sprayers and can be used for painting large surfaces. Further, they come with a hose which makes it feasible to reach the corners easily.

The third best brand being the CAMPBELL paint sprayer is the most purchase model of the paint sprayers. Its fame is due to the features that avoid using the compressor for spraying paints. Further, they are known for its capacity to avoid over spraying and becomes worth in providing smooth finishes.

For more information, read the paint sprayer review of the best products.

How To Use A Paint Sprayer To Its Fullest?

To ensure the proper performance of the paint sprayers, maintaining it regularly is essential. There are several tips to follow for maintaining the paint sprayer and ensure its long life. So, remember the tips below to care for your paint sprayer.

  • After every use, clean your paint sprayer and the nozzles to ensure it is clean and free from paint debris.
  • While operating the paint sprayer, ensure that you follow the instructions given in the manual.
  • When starting a project outdoors, make sure that the weather conditions are appropriate. As too much of sunlight and too much of rain is not suitable to perform a painting job.
  • In the case of improper performance, correct it then and there and avoid proceeding with the pertaining issue.
  • Whenever a part of a paint sprayer is worn out or require replacement, replace with genuine spare parts.

Does It Have Any Setbacks?

Even if the paint sprayers are useful with many benefits, it has several major setbacks too. Mostly, the paint sprayers are designed to be used on the smooth surfaces only. Even if certain paint sprayers are considered to be suitable for painting furniture, the extra work of cleaning the spills is tedious to be performed.

Further, most of the sprayers are known to overspray the paint; so, it is better to opt for a nozzle tip, which mists paint in smaller quantity. The major setback is the portability; almost, all of the paint sprayers are bulkier and weigh heavy to carry along while painting. Also, in spite of the controls they come with, the paint sprayers are still difficult to get used to for operating it.

Also, if you are looking for a tool to reduce your labor, sorry! It might not be your cup of tea. The paint sprayers require regular maintenance and cleaning it after every use. Failing this will end up with the device getting rusted and lag in performance.


To conclude, the paint sprayers out of the various types it comes in, you should go with the one which suits your project or the work to be done. Remember; do not purchase a paint sprayer for painting a small area alone as this would not be the best choice to invest, a paint brush or a roller could do the same.

Avoid purchasing a paint sprayer only because it claims to be suitable for doing a particular job. Also, in case if you opt for an airless paint sprayer, take care to be cautious with using it. Because, as it operates under high pressure, the contact with the skin will make the paint get injected into the skin.

Make sure you wear the protection clothes and gears while painting. As the paint coating come with dangerous toxins, contact with the skin might cause dangerous effects. Last, but not least, go through the reviews of the best paint sprayer brands that are widely purchased and are suitable for performing complex jobs, before purchasing one.


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