Best Oil Based Primer for Paint Sprayers

Oil Based Primer for Paint Sprayers

Have you ever imagined a world without colors? How would it be if the entire earth is coated with a gray scale color? Sounds crazy. Isn’t it? Colors are an aesthetic platform which stimulates the activities of all humans. Not only human’s colors also have a huge impact on animals and all other living creature in this blue planet. When it comes to your home, you also need colors to give it a fabulous look.

You don’t want to have that traditional texture of wood running all over the walls and ceilings. Do you? To color your house with the color of your interest you need to paint your home. There are numerous paint chip files in a paint shop to select the color of your paint. But pause a minute, what kind of paint are you going to coat for your home.

There are latex paints, water-based paints, oil-based paints etc each of which has been manufactured to meet different issues. Some are suitable for furniture; well, some other paint shall be great for concrete, plastic, and wood. Apart from paints, you should also get some other solutions like a thinning agent, primer etc. And what is that for?

Do you think it is to increase your expenses? No. It is very much analogous to sticking a paper to a wall for which you not only need a paper but also some glue. When it comes to painting the role of the glue is roughly played by a primer. It sticks the paint to the wall, providing intense durability and weatherproof features to the wall. Of course, these primers differ based on the type of paint you use.

Latex-based primers are good for preparing drywall for a coat of paint. They’re flexible, which means they tend to peel and crack less. Other materials they work well with include concrete walls, brick surfaces, any galvanized metal, as well as softwoods.

Shellac primer is best for surfaces that are often exposed to water, smoke, and rust. They’re really good for protecting wood from stains.

But we’re here to talk about oil-based primers. These primers work well with both latex and oil paints, making them the standard primer for paint jobs over the years. Oil-based primers are best for exterior wood surfaces because they seal the pores on the material. But they’re also versatile enough that oil-based primers are best for interiors because they stop stains from appearing on a new paint job.

In this article, I have listed various oil-based primers which are more popular among the people. Let’s dive into the article and find out which is the best-oiled based primer.

Zinsser 03504 Interior/Exterior Oil Primer

Zinsser 03504 Interior/Exterior Oil Primer is really a five star rated product which provides ample contentment not only to the owner of the house but also to any spectator standing outside your home. Unlike any other oil based primer, Zinsser 03504 Interior/Exterior Oil Primer can be used in both internal and external environments to have a uniform finish both inside and outside the home.

Further, after painting the interiors, your room would not look dusty and filled with stinking fumes. It can be used on any old coat in any state and also it can adhere very fast to the wall without peeling off from the old coat. Some primers require sanding the surface to ensure good adherence. But, Zinsser 03504 Interior/Exterior Oil Primer can easily adhere to soft and polished surfaces without any flaw.

Usually, oil-based primers provide good durability comparing to the water-based and latex based primer but they take much time to dry. But, Zinsser 03504 Interior/Exterior Oil Primer dries very quickly on the wall at the rate that any other primer would not provide. Additionally, the Zinsser 03504 Interior/Exterior Oil Primer acts as a waterproof layer which inhibits the entry of water into the wall thereby providing longevity to the wall.

KILZ Original Oil-Based Primer

KILZ Original Oil-Based Primer has proved to be an efficient primer solution which is compatible with paint sprayers. KILZ Original Oil-Based Primer sticks well to all surface without any flaw in the coat. It spreads well on the surface and so they cover large space with less use of the solution.

In addition to that, due to the spreading ability, they can be used with the paint sprayers in order to provide a thinner coating on the wall. They don’t lie wet and oily for a long time like any other oil-based primer. Instead, they dry in just 30 minutes thus allowing the painters to work on the wall with further delay.

Coating a single layer of primer does not complete the whole job of painting. It has still more process to undergo and the first and the foremost in that is sanding. Walls coated with the KILZ Original Oil-Based Primer can be easily sanded without much strain. It also reduces the stains caused by water, ink, pencil, tannin, smoke etc. The gloss outlook of the wall also looks great when coated with a thin layer of KILZ Original Oil-Based Primer by using spray painters.

Due to its glossiness, they cannot be used for coating the floors and I hope you understand why it is not recommended for floors. Each gallon of the KILZ Original Oil-Based Primer can cover a large area from 300 to 400 square feet of area and so when using this primer in a paint sprayer the painters don’t have to go up and down the ladder to fill the primer in the reservoir.

Valspar 21851Q Red Oxide Primer

Val-spar 21851Q Red Oxide Primer is another worthy product which forms an excellent sandwiching layer between the wall and the new coat of paint. The Val-spar 21851Q Red Oxide Primer has a good range of adhesion to the wall, regardless of the friction of the wall. Val-spar 21851Q Red Oxide Primer is already available in a much-diluted form and so there is no need for a painter to make the primer still thinner by adding any other mineral spirits.

It can be used on all surfaces like metal, plastic, wood, concrete and also spraying it on a target substratum using sprayers is highly recommended to get a perfect finish. It can also remove metal rusts and stains with much ease and so you don’t have to worry about removing the rust from the old layer.

As you know, a primer when sprayed by a paint sprayer produces a thin coating on the substratum. That thin coat of the primer is enough to provide resistance against UV light and weather which are real enemies of your walls. Moreover, the Val-spar 21851Q Red Oxide Primer brightens the paint which is coated over it and so it does not fade out the color of the paint on the primer or cause it to yellow like many other primers do.

KILZ Odorless Interior Oil-Base Primer

Of course, painting is a quite interesting job for anyone, but in most of the painting zones, it is not so. It is because the entire zone is encompassed with small paint fumes which cause irritation, burning sensation, nausea etc. Not only that, the painted region continuously emits a stinking smell which irritates the inhabitants of the house. There are also folks who are allergic to such primers.

Now that, KILZ Odorless Interior Oil-Base Primer has come inside the sales circle, folks don’t have to worry about the fumes and smell anymore because it is odorless oil based primer which is predominantly used to coat the interiors of the house. They bind very well with different substratum like wallpaper, masonry, painting, painting, glossy surfaces, wood etc.

They are highly compatible with the paint sprayers and also they block tannin, smoke and water stains. After providing the coat, the wall looks somewhat glossy and slippery which is very much essential to prevent water from seeping into the wall. This glossy primer has no friction and so they cannot be used on the floor.

They can be used for painting schools, colleges, and offices which really need to look superior and beautiful. Also, KILZ Odorless Interior Oil-Base Primer comes in one gallon can which is more than enough to coat for a region of above 300 square feet.

Rust-Oleum 213517T Oil Based Plastic Primer

The paints which we use for coating the walls of a house cannot be used for painting all the surfaces especially, plastic. So, in order to paint hold plastic items you have to find some other solution. Rust-Oleum 213517T Oil Based Plastic Primer is one such exclusive product which has been manufactured for painting plastic items.

Unlike wooden primers, the Rust-Oleum 213517T Oil Based Plastic Primer has a high range of adhesion and durability and so the coat over the plastic items has a long life. Plastics like polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, resin, fiberglass can be coated with this primer without any flaw.

Zinsser Odorless Rust-Oleum 3954 Primer

Zinsser Odorless Rust-Oleum 3954 Primer is a great product which focuses on interior usage like wood, drywall, plaster, concrete, memory foam etc. It is an oil based primer which is very much suitable for commercial and official purposes. Zinsser Odorless Rust-Oleum 3954 Primer is a quick drying primer which dries in just 30 minutes and the painters don’t have wait for days for the primer to dry.

They also merge well with the paint which is coated over this primer and produces fine results. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the stains created by water, fire and any other kind of weather. Also, Zinsser Odorless Rust-Oleum 3954 Primer is white in color while it is used on the walls; they don’t get yellow over time. The formula used in the Zinsser Odorless Rust-Oleum 3954 Primer is much diluted and so they can be sprayed easily on the substratum without any difficulty. Sanding this primer is also not difficult.


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