Best Handheld Paint Sprayer – Review


Are you searching for the best handheld paint sprayer to overcome the difficulties involved in painting work? Then stop worrying about it and just go through this handheld paint sprayer reviewed article before making the smart decision for purchasing. When compared to other olden technique of painting such as brushes and rollers, the handheld paint sprayers are highly designed for providing the comfortable usage over the large surface coverage within a less time.

best handheld paint sprayer review

With the use of these handheld paint sprayers, you don’t want to waste your time in decorating your home, car, fencing and other furniture items with olden painting methods. Choosing the best paint sprayers that suits well with your functionality is one of the difficult and hard tasks. This reviewed article helps you to overcome these kinds of problems with the substitution of one of the below mentioned top rated handheld paint sprayers.

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer Review

It is needful to make use of the best rated handheld paint sprayer as the part of everyone’s life which helps to kill the wastage of time and messing up with paint brushes and other rolling materials. Thus the handheld paint sprayers tend to provide the uniform and perfect coating finish over the surface without any kind of strokes.

Nowadays there comes lot of paint sprayers to confuse the consumers to buy which kind of products. So this article put you down with some of the best listed products to help you to get out of this difficult situation. Right below in this article I have mentioned five top rated valuable handheld paint sprayers available in the today’s market for your quick reference.

Wagner 0529011 Spray Tech Flexio 570 Handheld Paint Sprayer

This Wagner handheld paint sprayer is highly designed for both exterior and interior painting projects. It consists of X boosting turbine for producing the two unmatched power controlling setting to cover large surface area with moderate spraying. The spraying nozzle helps to drop out the accurate spray for achieving professional outlook.

The sprayer helps to spray up to 10 feet within 5 minutes by means of the 7.2 gallons of paint sprayer. It helps to spray both water based paints and oil based paints in which you can able to make adjustments with different kinds of pattern such as horizontal spraying pattern, vertical spraying pattern, wide spraying pattern and narrow spraying pattern.

This light weight handheld paint spraying unit is a light weight component which weighs only up to 5.2 pounds and comes out with the limited warranty of one year. The quick lock system is inbuilt in this handheld paint sprayer to separate the turbine from the spraying nozzle for easy cleaning and other paint changing purposes.

This Wagner handheld paint sprayer is more flexible to use for wide variety of painting applications. The X boosting turbine provides triple times of power over the range of 65000 RPM for perfect coating spray with correct pressure controlling and helps to reduce the over spraying and noise creation capability.

Wagner 0529011 Spray Tech Flexio 570 Handheld Paint Sprayer

Key Features – X boosting turbine, moderate spraying, professional outlook.

Pros – light weight device, easy to spray, reduce noise formation.

PaintWIZ Handheld PW25150 Paint Sprayer PRO

This handheld paint sprayer series make use of the High Volume Low Pressure technology to spray the thin type of materials with the perfect paint finishing. It is highly implemented with the 400W motor to achieve the excellent profession outlook. It is highly equipped with the air cap for adjusting in three different position patterns such as vertical spraying pattern, round spraying pattern and horizontal spraying pattern.

It includes 1.3 liter plastic cup for large painting projects and it is easy to clean and refill with another coloring paints. This handheld paint sprayer constitute the ability to hold the capacity of up to 50 oz paints to wide up to 12 inches with the spraying patterns. This product comes out with the limited warranty of up to one year and it helps to spray correct amount of paint from the spraying head with the perfect controlling ability.

PaintWIZ Handheld PW25150 Paint Sprayer PRO

Key Features – High volume low pressure technology, large capacity, limited warranty.

Pros – perfect painting finish, light weight to carry, wide surface coverage spraying.

HomeRight C800766 Max Fine Finish Handheld Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight handheld paint sprayer is one of the self contained machines which do not need any hoses, pumps and other type of air compressors. This handheld paint sprayer provides high quality of painting work to inspire the consumers for purchasing this product. With the use of this handheld paint sprayer, you can able to renew the wooden products, fencing and other kind of crafting accessories. It consists of three way of adjusting spray patterns such as vertical, round and horizontal spraying pattern to prevent the paint over spillage and time wasting.

The brass type of spraying needle is equipped in this tool to make use of them for long duration periods. This durable handheld paint sprayer tool is easy to setup, spray and clean for reusing purpose. This device guaranteed up to the range of two years and it makes use of the HVLP technology. It is a light weight tool which weighs only with the ranging of 3.2 pounds for convenient carrying and spraying over the large surface area.

HomeRight C800766 Max Fine Finish Handheld Paint Sprayer

Key Features – HVLP technology, 3-way spraying pattern adjustment, durable.

Pros – light weighted tool, high warranty, easy to clean and use.

Graco 17D889 TrueCoat Handheld Paint Sprayer

This advanced Graco handheld paint sprayer is one of the versatile types of handheld paint sprayer tools which help the user to easily paint over the painting and staining projects. This handheld paint sprayer series is well suited for both interior and exterior painting projects and it usually drop out the paint with the use of air compressing and spraying technique.

This paint sprayer tool is easy to clean and reuse for future projects such that it can be widely used over different painting applications. It consists of the variable pressure and spraying speed up to the range of 1500 PSI for insisting the moderate spraying condition. This handheld sprayer helps to avoid the over spraying and it tends to provide the smooth painting finish without any strokes.

This durable paint sprayer makes use of the Vacuum Valve technology to spray the paint in any direction based on the user wish. It consists of the high pressure piston pumping system for providing the professional outlook within one coat. This light weight handheld paint sprayer helps to balance the constant spraying ability such that it contains the capacity of up to 42 oz.

The high pressure based tungsten carbide pumping model is highly inbuilt to handle the heavier paint works. This electrical handheld paint sprayer includes two type of reversible spraying tip option to customize the spraying speed for avoiding the over paint spillage and wastage. It helps to squeeze and spray the paints over all kind of stains without any thin coating.

Graco 17D889 TrueCoat Handheld Paint Sprayer

Key Features – Versatile in nature, vacuum valve technology, interior and exterior painting.

Pros – light weight in measure, large holding capacity, avoid over spillage.

Choosing and make use of the powerful handheld paint sprayer tool for large painting projects is one of the difficult tasks. This article provides the user with the helpful guide about the essential features and trustworthy qualities about the top rated brands of handheld paint sprayer. I hope this reviewed article in choosing the best handheld paint spraying tools helps you in the way to take the best decision before buying any kind of handheld paint sprayer.