Top 10 Best Electric Paint Rollers


Paints are liquefied solutions which when applied over an object produces a thin film over it thus providing an attractive color and texture to the object. There are various types of paints available in the market which includes water-based paint, oil-based paints, acrylic, enamels, luminous paints, heat resistant paints and so many of such kind. These paints were primitively applied to the object with the help of brushes which were made up of tiny bristles which hold the paint inside it by its capillary action besides painting the surfaces with the paintbrush is a time-consuming and tedious task which makes the workers sick and tired. Of course, providing colors to a dry object is an interesting job to do, but as the clock run the painter gets tired of using a brush. To eradicate this issue there was another method to paint the objects which is nothing but a roller.

What are paint rollers?

Paint rollers are basically made up of two parts, unlike a brush which includes a roller frame and a roller. The roller frame is made up of hard plastic and the roller is made up of synthetic or lamb’s wool which sucks the paint when immersed in a tray of paint. The roller part of the device is removable which would be easy to clean but there are several practical limitations in these paint rollers.

Each time the paint roller runs out of the paint the painter has to turn back to the paint tray and dip the roller in it again and also in case the roller falls out of the frame while rolling on a partially painted wall the entire wall would become awkward and messy moreover the situation would be worse if it is paint of different color or texture.

To overcome this problem spray guns powered by air compressors were used but using spray guns will not fill the gaps and cracks in the walls and hence spray painting is not a long lasting painting technique. Now a new mechanism combining a motor and a roller comes into existence which reduces the tension of the painter to a great extent which is known to be electric paint rollers.

Electric paint rollers are constructed with a motor or pump which pumps the paint from the container to the roller through a hollow tube. The paint reaches the roller and it is evenly distributed over the wall through minute pores on the roller setup and drenches the roller wool. There is a switch near the handle of the roller; in other words, the switch lies near the thumb of the painter with which the painter can decide when to pump in the paint from the motor. Having an electric paint roller is a good decision so that you don’t have to call on professionals to do your job at the same time there are expensive. So before buying an electric paint roller, it is very much essential that you need to get enough knowledge about all the required features of the electric paint roller. This guide will be more useful to you in getting you a new one by scrolling the guide.

Holding capacity

Roller used in the tool would be made up of tough nylon, lamb’s wool, synthetic fabric etc to hold enough paint inside it. But not all these material will hold the same amount of paint. Synthetic material is a non-sticky material which would collect less paint on the other hand rough and frictional raw materials used in the rollers can hold much paint moreover, there is an important issue to be noted which is about the type of paints like water-based paints, emulsions etc. So always enquire about the holding capacity of the roller and the type of the paint before getting a new roller.

Suction power

The suction power of the motor used in the electric paint rollers is a crucial factor to know which exactly determines the amount of paint to be given to the roller and how frequent it allows the paint into the roller. Suppose if the suction power of the motor is less it would not provide the required amount of paint to the roller even if the switch is pressed hard. Moreover, do check the quality and the diameter of the hollow tube which brings the paint to the roller.


Portability is an earnest factor which is to be checked before buying a new power roller because usually rollers are neither purchased to paint a small room nor to paint a single object. They are brought to paint large areas to paint daily which could be a handy tool for a professional painters and so carrying the entire electric roller from place to place is an inevitable task. But the weight and size of the power roller will restrict your action of carrying it, besides, the length of the power cord and the hose which drains the paint into the roller should be lengthier even if the power board is somewhat far away from the place your paint and so it always better to find an electric roller with less weight and size.


The accessories and the tools used in the electric paint roller should be easily taken apart and could be easily assembled to provide customer satisfaction. The rollers should be fabricated in such a way that they can be easily cleaned and the hollow tube should be ready to be used with the different color of paint. Unlike some rollers which take several hours to clean, your electric paint roller should be done in several minutes to reduce tension and workload.

We hope that the above guide has furnished you with the most required details in picking an electric roller painter which very much reduced your tension regarding getting one. Here is some of the electric paint rollers which takes a valuable position in our list enlisted on the basis of suggestion of various users.

Home Right Paint Stick EZ-Twist C800952

HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist

Unlike traditional rollers which create a messy painting experience, Home Right Paint Stick EZ-Twist C800952 is the right and esteemed choice to provide a drip-free and easy painting to the wall, ceilings and any hard surfaces which reduces the considerable amount of time by ensuring a 64 inch reach whereas painting the same distance by any other means would definitely take a surplus amount of time.

This paint stick is tubular which can take ample amount of paint and it is twistable which provides better control over the flow of paint. Moreover this Home Right Paint Stick EZ-Twist C800952 requires no paint trays and so painting can be done with no drips and falls preventing all kinds of color messes and also it is highly reliable user friendly product which when used for the first term, every user would long to use it because you don’t have to go back and forth once in several minutes to reload your roller with paint. This paint roller can wipe out the danger which could be caused by the traditional paint rollers by using which people can fall off on trying to reach a far point.

This roller can reach even to the hard to reach areas without any difficulty thus provides a flawless and admirable surface. There is no need for the hose or a motor to fill the paint into this paint roller but it can be filled directly from the paint container without making any spills, moreover the roller is also guarded by a cap which can hold the dripping paint which falls down due to gravity, and sometimes this drip might fall on the painters eye also causing serious issues. The high standard roller used in this equipment does not stick on to the wall with the paint and also by using this paint roller even an amateur can paint an 8 x 8 feet wall in a minute which gives the user a professional experience.

Wagner 0530010 SMART Power Roller

Wagner 0530010 SMART Sidekick Power Roller

Wagner 0530010 SMART Power Roller is an unbelievable and interesting tool to work which doesn’t require any sort of filling and draining of the paint and it doesn’t require a tray to fill the paint. The paint container can be directly fit to the pump by using a special arm which can hold with a click and more attractively it can hold containers holding 1 to 5 gallons of paint. There is a hollow pipe attached to the pump through which the paint reaches the roller; the roller itself consists of a small handle in which a switch is placed to control the flow of paint on the roller.

Extension handles can be attached to the main roller with which the painters can reach even wondering heights. This Wagner 0530010 SMART Power Roller provides a fantastic painting experience without strain which complete painting a large room within minutes. The pump used in this system needs to be powered from an external power source to push the paint besides; the length of the hollow tube is of a good length of more than 10 feet’s which can support the painter by carrying the roller to a considerable distance.

The fibers of the roller have an astonishing capacity to hold a good amount of paint and it does not wither and get stuck on the wall along with the paint even a highly viscous and sticky material is painted. This Wagner 0530010 SMART Power Roller contributes the painter with a light and energetic painting experience as the painter don’t have to pick any type of heavy material like paint container, equipment, cords etc while he paints and also the painter doesn’t have to bent to reload the paint in to the roller using this durable paint roller which weighs around 6 pounds .Another attractive feature of this paint roller is that it can be cleaned up very easily, just like that in 10 minutes.

Wagner 0530000 SMART Edge Roller

Wagner 0530000 SMART Edge Roller

True to its name Wagner 0530000 SMART Edge Roller is a smart device used for painting small and gorged areas and walls which contains a small imported plastic cylinder which can hold little less than ¼th of a liter. This roller is twistable and with such a miniature design it can reach anywhere in the gorged areas providing an esteemed and high-class painting without having a spill. The roller is about 3 inches long, which when lined with a paint can paint up to 96 feet’s which is an astonishing feature of this tiny equipment moreover the painting is done with a perfect finish with clean edges and so it eradicates long hours of taping to prevent the paint spills.

The switch at the handle of the roller is a push-type switch which determines the amount of paint to be used and this handy equipment will create astonishing results on your wall even if is done by children who love to do jobs like painting. This thick plastic tube used in this Wagner 0530000 SMART Edge Roller actually houses another cylinder which runs in the center of this main cylinder and that small cylinder contains the paint to be coated.

The paint is sucked into this equipment using a small and durable piston at the rear end of this paint roller besides as the paint gets used up the pressure inside the cylinder gets reduced and thus the piston moves forward to push the remaining paint on the roller. So, usage of Wagner 0530000 SMART Edge Roller will paint the wall even when a little amount of paint resides inside the roller and therefore reducing t wastage of the paint. Since this paint roller is very small the area of coverage would be less comparing the other paint rollers.

Wagner 0271008 Cordless Paint Roller

Wagner 0271008 Cordless TurboRoll Paint Roller

This Wagner 0271008 Cordless Paint Roller is a very sensitive device used to paint large walls in no time with the help of a motor which is kept very sensitive to the switch. The entire paint roller is made up of 85% plastic, 5% metal and 10% polyester fiber, due to the excess usage and plastic and polyester fiber this paint roller is extremely weightless thus allowing the user to carry it anywhere of his choice. This paint roller is loaded with the paint with a special nozzle which is near the roller moreover this paint roller can hold an unimaginable content of ¾ that of a liter of paint which makes painting one of the most interesting jobs in the world.

This Wagner 0271008 Cordless Paint Roller is made up of two cylinders which are concentrically placed to each other in which the inner cylinder holds the paint and the outer cylinder is for providing grip and stiffness to the painter, moreover the outer cylinder is transparent which allows the painter to visualize the amount of paint inside the paint roller. The switching arrangement from the batteries in this roller provides a continuous and flawless painting thus providing a glossy and shiny surface after it is done.

The four AA batteries provided with the paint roller enables the painter to paint around 5 gallons and then you may have to change the batteries for efficient output and trying to use rechargeable batteries should work too. The total weight of this wonderful paint roller is about 3.5 pounds which enable the user to carry it anywhere which can paint a total area of 70 square feet’s with one fill of the paint roller. This advanced and powerful time-saving paint roller can also reach the ceilings with an extension handle of 8 feet’s.

Wagner 0530004 SMART Flow Roller

Wagner 0530004 SMART Flow Roller

Wagner 0530004 SMART Flow Roller is a long and smart looking unique paint roller which can paint very vast area in a minimal amount of time. The rollers used in this product is tightly fixed to the frame which doesn’t allow it to topple while painting, moreover the paint roller is a made up of very strong and succulent fibers that can hold enough amount of paint in it. There is no guard cap at the back of the roller of this type because it allows the user to clearly visualize the changes happening on the wall and the roller.

Besides, a guard cap is needed only when it drips; the construction of this is Wagner 0530004 SMART Flow Roller is very meticulous such that the paint is directly fed into the rollers, and the uniformly distributed perforations inside the rollers distribute the paint evenly on all regions of the roller. This product is an outstanding device because it doesn’t allow any paint to clog near the roller thus enabling an equal finish and revolutionary outlook to the surface. The reservoir which forms most part of the paint roller has the capacity to hold nearly 0.75 liters with which a painter can show his talent over a surface of more than 70 square feet’s in one fill.

The switching system held at the base of the paint roller decides the amount of the paint to be fed to the paint roller moreover this quality equipment is noise and pollution free. Unlike other spray paints, this paint roller doesn’t produce any clogging of even a minute amount of paint inside the throat because this Wagner 0530004 SMART Flow Roller doesn’t pressurize the paint on the wall. Moreover, this smart roller works well with the water and oil based paints comparing to high dense viscous paints and drying of paints in this paint roller is not possible because major process occurs inside the airtight cylinder except the roller which is washable.

AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller

AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller

AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller is an exquisite drip-free, easy and consistent paint roller which can provide professional results even when it is used by an amateur. In another type of the paint rollers the paint has to be filled in the roller before usage but in the case of AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller filling the device is not necessary because the one hose of the pump used in this paint roller is put inside the paint can and it is pumped through the other hose. So, it is more evidence that this paint roller neglects a provoking job of pouring back the paint into the container after the job is done.

Usually, the AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller is provided a 9-inch roller which will allow the painter to paint more area in no time and also there is an attached drip guard at the back of the roller preventing the paint drops from falling on the painter due to gravity. Moreover, the paint which is dripped in the guard can also be reused by pouring back into the container also the hose in this paint roller is transparent which allows the painter to see the travel of the paint from the pump and to find any malfunctions if any. With this fine equipment, it is terribly easy to paint a small and large sized room thus decreasing your employee expenses heavily.

The switch at the base of the handle is provided with a switch to control the paint flow and a pause option is also available with allows the user to have some rest even if there is a considerable amount of paint inside the equipment. The tube in the pump is about 16 feet long which enables the painter to move freely in the painting area without any constraint and the handle can also be extended to 3.6 inches with which ceilings can be easily painted without the need of a ladder. Moreover, this AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller can be cleaned easily in 10 minutes which provides a user-friendly painting experience.

ALEKO DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller Pump

ALEKO DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller

ALEKO DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller Pump is the newest edition of the smart rollers which has efficient pumping set up and it is three times faster than the traditional paint rollers. This electric paint roller consists of a consistent and stable pump which can fit a container with it and it is powered by the external power source. The paint roller consists of a 45-watt motor which pumps even more dense paints even to heights of 30 feet’s which enables the user to paint the surface without any constraints and stress.

The roller used in this product is fabricated with high-class fibers which can hold enough paint which very much helps the user to press the switch low pressure and so the thumb would not feel sore. The hollow and transparent tube used in this paint roller carries the paint to the roller part from the pump which provides a pressure of about 30 psi moreover the transparent hose can also be connected with a garden hose through an appropriate quick connector to provide efficient cleanup.

The ALEKO DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller Pump is a fast acting paint roller which can paint 300 ml in a minute and this might cause a little shock to the users as they might think about the excess usage of paint. The switch present in the paint roller can be pressed slightly such that the amount of paint given to the roller would be limited. The transparent hollow pipe which carries the paint is lengthy enough to make the user paint even at a specific height.

Black & Decker C800659 Electric Paint Roller

Black & Decker C800659 Pro Electric Power Paint Roller

Black & Decker C800659 Electric Paint Roller is a heavy piece of the paint rollers which has a pump to push the paint to the roller directly; it also has the facility of moving the paint from the pump to the roller but also from the roller to the pump. The pump also consists of a seat which holds the paint container and also the red and black color provides the paint roller with the exquisite and elegant look .The efficiency of the pump is good enough to pump 1 gallon of paint in 9.5 minutes.

The rollers used in this product is of superior style and quality whose fibers are very strong and drip-free, even if some paint drop comes out of the roller it can be easily captured by the cap at the bottom of the roller. The hose which we use to send the paint from the container to the roller is 20 feet long which allows a wide area to be painted without any sort of disturbance also quality finish of the walls and the ceiling is assured using this eminent device.

Moreover this product is powered by the external power source and 2 year warranty is provided for this outstanding paint roller which weighs around 9 pounds. Of course it is somewhat heavier, and you don’t have to mind that because the major percentage of the weight is due to the motor pump and remember the pump need not be lifted to provide a grant polished and colored surface moreover this paint roller is also equipped with a 16 inch extension handle which would be easy enough to paint the ceilings.

Homeright Electric Power Paint Roller #C800015

Homeright Electric Power Paint Roller

The Home right Electric Power Paint Roller #C800015 is a powerful pump put forward by the elite Wagner power products and this electric power paint roller is a time saving electric pump which can pump 1 to 5 gallons of paint moreover this system works well with the oil-based and latex based paints. The motor used in this electric power paint roller is strong enough to provide pressures from 20 to 43 psi which is very much essential to satisfy the mobility feature of this elite product.

The pump consists of a paint carrying hose which is 20 foot long which provides the painter with the more efficient workspace and he can take the roller wherever they want within the work area moreover the pushing power of the pump will provide the user with a good amount of paint .So, this Home right Electric Power Paint Roller #C800015 is a product very much suitable for the large building and towers on which painting is a tedious task.

On the other hand, conventional painting rollers cannot provide a complete finish painting within a little time and it is to be noted that this paint roller is two times faster than other conventional paint rollers. The paint hose of the equipment can be detached easily from the main setup thus providing an easy clean to the hose and the equipment. The rollers are made up of high quality synthetic material whose fiber doesn’t stick to the paint on the wall whatever may the friction of the wall.

Snowball X37-A Electric Power Paint Roller

Snowball Electric Power Paint Roller

Snowball X37-A Electric Power Paint Roller is an aesthetically devised paint roller to paint the surface in a specialized way and the most sophisticated feature of this pain roller is that it is powered by  a 6000 mAh rechargeable battery which when charged fully allows the paint roller to be used for 8 completer hours. Like the other paint rollers Snowball X37-A Electric Power Paint Roller also has a roller with high quality synthetic fibers for absorption and even distribution of paint over the surface but this product makes a difference by the attachment of the paint hose under the roller.

Moreover, the quick release handle facility in this paint roller enables the user to append the extension shafts below this roller which can provide a better length of 51.18 inches with which even a normally grown child can also reach a ceiling without the use of a ladder. Unlike other paint rollers this Snowball X37-A Electric Power Paint Roller  has a good length of about 10 inches which allows the user to cover more area in a minimum amount of time. The hose which is provided to carry the paint to the roller is about 158 inches with which the user can paint a 1t feet surface without providing any disturbance to the roller moreover the motor which is used to pump the paint is made up of tough plastic which also has the feature of holding to the container.


The above-enlisted paint rollers are really worth products prevailing in the market over which you might have a glance when you buy a new one. Taking into account about various factors like the viscosity of the paint, portability, accessory adaptability are noteworthy and also always prefer to buy a product which would suit your workplace. For example, some workplaces will not have enough amount of power board in a specific place and such places require an electric paint roller with good length of the hose and the wire.