Top 10 Best Drywall Sanders 2019

Drywall Sanders

A drywall sander is a commercial tool which is used to polish the rough surfaces by chafing it with sandpaper. Power tools are used in the sander because proper and nice looking sanding requires the wall to be sanded with various speeds.

Humans can do it by rubbing against the wall by applying different pressures and speed but, it would not be as cool as a work done by a drywall sander. So nowadays, people opt to do drywall sanding with sanders only. But it can be handled only by a human.

Drywall Sanders – Buying Guide

Check out the important characteristics and other criterias to look in a drywall sanders in depth below.

What is dry-walling?

Sanding can be done in several kinds of walls like plastered concrete, plastered wood, etc but it involves a huge list of steps to do it. Even though most of the houses in Asian countries are constructed with cement, usage of drywall sanding is not a must. But in Pacific countries situation isn’t the same and the houses there are constructed using wood especially, Southern Yellow Pine wood which is more commonly seen throughout the United States.

Moreover, natural calamities like cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes etc occur often in those countries around the Pacific region. So people should be always prepared to face such circumstances too and getting trapped under cement wall would make a helpless situation for a victim to escape since the concrete wall is heavy, on the other hand, wood is rather comparatively less dense material. Even at times of flood, wood would float, but what about concrete?

These wooden houses are built with softwood which are in huge numbers; also they grow faster and more evidently wood is very cheap resource compared with the concrete. They erect straight wooden pillars like support and hang the drywall with the accurate measurements from the top and then the drywall is nailed on the support such that the nails are fixed a little deeper than the surface of the drywall. Similarly, other drywall’s would also be hanged and appropriate pockets and holes are made on the wooden support for the faucets and the electrical cables to pass through and also they are sealed with an iron covering to ensure absolute protection.

After fixing the drywall throughout the house, the entire setup would look like a big cupboard made up of wood and the drywall should be perfectly synchronized with each other such that there shouldn’t be space between two successive boards but the edges of each board would be clearly visible. To conceal these lines they use a compound mixture coated on the drywall and usually, 3 coatings are provided in which the first coat needn’t be perfect.

The amount of the compound used in the drywall would not be the same throughout the surface of the drywall and so unwanted compound should be scratched off from the wall. Human chaffing the entire drywall with their hands can make mistakes either to scratch more or to scratch to nothing. So it is also better to use a drywall sander to do your sanding job. But simply a drywall sander would not serve your cause, you should check about its power rating, motors, sandpaper, mounts, vacuums etc. Let’s go through one by one.


Let’s take a small experiment. Pick up a pretty good sized twig of any branch and hold it in its middle, you would feel easy right. OK! Now hold the twig at one edge of the twig and try to lift the other end above the ground. Seems to be harder; right. A drywall sander is a machine which is not used by holding at its middle portion but it should behold on one side. So for your efficient usage, it should not be heavy; if it is so, you cannot work with it by lifting it above your head throughout the day. So always make sure that you have a drywall sander with a less weight.


Some of the drywall sanders would be very short that their arm cannot reach the corners and the last part of the vertical segments. In such cases, the user has to find a little bigger ladder to use and in such circumstances, if we have a drywall sander with an adjustable length definitely the job would be easier and time-saving.

Replaceable brushes

Most of the drywall sanders use a round brush to sand the wall surfaces but using a round brush will not provide a perfect in some corners of the room because round brushes will not reach the corner. So we need more dynamic and efficient drywall sanders with replaceable brushes such that we can replace the round brush with the square one which meets our requirements besides make sure about the size of the brush which enables the user to complete a particular area within a short time.

Accessories & Portability

Generally, sanding is done with sandpaper with various grits; grit, in other words, determines the coarseness of the sandpaper which used aluminum oxide because it won’t wear out easily. If you need a fine finish on your wall, then a 150 or 120 grit sandpaper would do it; but if you need a coarse wall then 80 grit paper would do it and the slots to put these sandpaper inside the drywall sander should be easy and also check with the accessories of the drywall sander which may be helpful for you in terms of compactness and portability.

Top 10 Best Drywall Sanders 2019

Hope after scrolling through this guide you have got enough knowledge about suggesting a dynamic and supportive drywall sander. Here are some of the high rated drywall sanders prominently purchased by many people which exist in the market.

ALEKO 690E Variable Speed Drywall Vacuum Sander

ALEKO 690E Variable Speed Drywall Vacuum Sander is the most wanted and lustrous drywall sander which provides a clean and thorough sanding technique throughout the entire wall, which is also a heavy duty drywall sander used also for industrial purposes. It would always necessary that sanding should be done only in a particular speed which may erode the complete area into a pit, so a drywall sander with an adjustable speed is more recommended and only by adjusting the speed the amount of sanding to be done on a particular place a can be determined.

On that account, this ALEKO 690E Variable Speed Drywall Vacuum Sander has variable speeds from 1000 to 2000 rpm which means the brush of the drywall sander can spin at a rate of 1000 rotations per minute. Sanding causes a lot of fine dust to swirl around you and when it enters your respiratory system it would cause damage by causing diseases like asthma, allergy etc and so prevention methods like wearing a dust mask is very much essential.

Supporting to this dust mask the entire system of this profitable sander can be connected to an ordinary vacuum cleaner which collects the dust from the drywall sander to the container in the vacuum cleaner with the help of the 14 feet hose assembly and by doing so the amount of the dust in the vicinity of the drywall sander would be greatly reduced such that it reduces the vulnerability of humans to diseases like asthma, allergy, wheezing etc.

There are companies which have drywall sanding as a primary task and this eminent sander would prove to be an efficient device to bring out heavy duty sanding. The ALEKO 690E Variable Speed Drywall Vacuum Sander weighs around 14.7 lbs which seems too little heavier but the weight is because of heavy duty motor inside the sander.

WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander

WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander is well designed and compact drywall sander which can reach anywhere where an ordinary sander cannot and even a small place cannot be left out without sanding by using this simple drywall sander due to its adjustable head.

Sanding should not be done with the same speed in various locations over a drywall due to its variable thickness and so to provide such a benefit to the user WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander is equipped with the variable speed from 600 to 1500rpm moreover, one should also be careful with the pressure applied to the drywall while sanding because of the uneven distribution of the compound over the surface which can erode easily by applying high pressure to it.

Unlike any other drywall sanders, the WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander has its motor on the disk itself which provides a more potent output from the motor making the sanding disk to rotate without any malfunction.WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander extends from the disk with the high-quality rubber covered stalk which holds the supply wires but the stalk is made up of a weightless material to ensure the time-saving feature. The bottom portion of the stalk is provided with the adapter after which lies the setup with the extendable design with the telescopic pole.

With this extendable arrangement, the entire drywall sander can be extended to 5 feet from the user’s hand. Moreover, this variable speed drywall sander is reinforced with the fold-able design such that it can be folded which would be easy for storage and transformation. This marvelous product is also fitted with the 15-inch dust hose which can be connected to a regular vacuum pump in order to reduce dust and disease.

POWER-PRO 2100 Drywall Sander

POWER-PRO 2100 Drywall Sander is an awesome and reinforced modern type of drywall sander consisting of a rotating disk which is powered by a motor with the variable speed from 1000 to 2100 rpm. Moreover, the disk head is pivoted and supported with the appropriate device which can adjust its neck to move into any place at any angle. Not only that, the disk also contains tiny bristle around it so that the dust would be easily swiped off from that place which doesn’t require extra chaffing over that place but it makes the room dusty.

This product is also supported with the 9 inches sanding paper with various grit sizes that could be used for various types of walls and also the sanding paper with a greater diameter can sand more areas within no time thus saving energy and time.  The POWER-PRO 2100 Drywall Sander contains a motor which can be adjusted in 6 different speeds in which the first 3 speeds from 1 to 3 are used for soft walls, and the next 3 speeds from 4 to 6 are used for hard walls.

This most versatile little equipment is made up of low weight, hard and strong aluminum which makes the sander less heavy this it can be lifted for a long time and worked. The increase of the weight would definitely add to the declination of the progression of the work. Two strong and different positioned handles are available to withstand the weight of the drywall sander when it is used vertically.

Moreover, the POWER-PRO 2100 Drywall Sander is backed up with the 5 feet long extendable handle with which you can reach the unimaginable heights; even the ceiling of the room. Additionally, this product has a 12 feet vacuum hose which connects the drywall sander with the industrial vacuum cleaner to ensure collection of specks of dust thus reducing the hazy vision inside the room which is worked.

Hyde Tools Dust-Free Drywall Sander

Hyde Tools Dust-Free Drywall Sander is a very simple and lucid designed drywall sander which seems to be made up of side bendable pipes and this architecture makes this product ultimately weightless whose weight is around 1.88 lbs. So people would definitely have more affinity towards this sort of drywall sanders. This Hyde Tools Dust-Free Drywall Sander has an austere design which is designed to a pole style sander whose hoses would fit with any of the commercially available vacuum cleaners.

Due to its lightweight, this product can be moved anywhere as per the wish of the user.The Hyde Tools Dust-Free Drywall Sander is universal threaded so that any extension pole would suit the poles in this sander, moreover it is also provided with the clamp system which would easily load the abrasives like sandpaper and the accessories of this sander can be dismantled easily and stored in a small place thus providing an easy storage and transportation to this drywall sander.

The long hose in this sander is used provide appropriate connections with any commercial vacuum cleaner which makes the entire room to be free from the floor like dust particles thus saving your eyes, nose, and lungs moreover use of a dust mask is also highly recommended.

The swivel hose connectors can rotate even when the drywall sander is working the hose does not clog and mess up in whatever position the sander may be pulled. Unlike the other drywall sander, the Hyde Tools Dust-Free Drywall Sander does not have a rotating disk but the abrasives used in this product is mounted on a rectangular plate thus more susceptible to meet the corners of the walls.

PORTER-CABLE 7800 Drywall Sander

PORTER-CABLE 7800 Drywall Sander is one of the robust power tool equipment which can provide an elite standard of drywall sanding which has a considerable weight of about 8.5 lbs. With this weight anyone of us can lift it and extend it even in the parallel position to the ground by holding it on one side, moreover, the PORTER-CABLE 7800 Drywall Sander is made up of a lightweight but strong material which provides extra strength to the sander which is also easy to handle.

The speed of rotation of the disk can be adjusted with various speeds from 1400 to 2000 rpm to provide an exact finish to the walls. This drywall sander uses the hook and loop straps to mount the abrasives on its position; hook and straps are touch fasteners which contains a rough side and a soft side. The rough side consists of tiny hooks and the soft side consists of soft linen fabric to hold the hooks which provide an easy way to install and displace the sanding paper.

The disk is mounted to the shaft with a versatile support and it also strengthened by bendable hoses which can make the disk rotate and swivel in all directions. This exquisite and dynamic equipment is long enough to reach any surface beyond 3 to 4 feet’s because of its intelligent design. Moreover, this 9-pound drywall sander which works only with a 120 VAC has a vacuum hose to the length of about 13 feet which enables us to sand even from a distance of 13 feet or sand from a height of 13 feet and also it doesn’t require any extra accessory to support this cause.

ARKSEN 750W Commercial Drywall Sander

ARKSEN 750W Commercial Drywall Sander is an agile drywall sander which has a reduced metal usage in its product in order to enhance not only the look but also to reduce a considerable amount of weight. Even the inevitable parts made up of metal is substituted with the lightweight durable aluminum to reduce still more weight. The disk or the head in this sander can tilt or move in any angle even up to 180 degrees which are 8 inches in diameter to provide a quick and fast sanding and also this product uses the hook and loop straps to hold the sanding paper which makes it easy to change the sandpaper moreover, the disk is also empowered with the tiny bristles to wipe off the dust.

These dust particles may create many health issues, so a vacuum cleaner with a good suction power should be connected with this drywall sander and to make such a connection a long hose of about 13 feet long which is appropriately threaded such that it can fit any commercially available vacuum cleaner is provided with this sander.

The aluminum pole used in this ARKSEN 750W Commercial Drywall Sander can be extended from 42 to 61 inches to provide a free and easy way of sanding. A 13 feet vacuum hose, a screwdriver and a wrench is also provided with the sander as they are valuable accessories at various usage levels of this sander which also consists of an inbuilt dust collection hose which collects the dust after sanding moreover the head of this sander is made to rotate at various speeds ranging from 1000 to 2000 rpm. This heavy-duty industrial use drywall sander which has a telescopic extension shaft has a weight of 19 pounds which is somewhat heavier but worth it.

Go-plus Hand Held Electric Drywall Sander

Go-plus Hand Held Electric Drywall Sander is a dexterous and handy piece of drywall sander which is different from other types of drywall sanders. It doesn’t have a long handle like other drywall sanders but provides an outstanding performance in sanding a drywall. The construction of the Go-plus Hand Held Electric Drywall Sander is compact and precise such that it is within the limits of your hand while working; moreover, this sander is comforted with the dynamic design by installing an LED lamp which can rotate to 180 degrees which can be used as per the user’s requirement and this light would provide proper focus on the place where the user is sanding regardless of the amount of the dust.

The amount of the dust in this type of sander is much reduced due to the presence of the outer cover which holds the dust shattering from the swiveling disk and sucking it through the vacuum hose. Goplus Hand Held Electric Drywall Sander can be used at various adjustable speeds ranging from 800 to 2400 rpm thus more suitable for drywall sanding, ceilings, walls, etc.

Some might have a doubt that presence of the bottom cover in this drywall sander would not provide perfect sanding along the edges of the wall and to your astonishment this cover can be removed as per the users wish to provide a soft and clean sanding.

The lightweight feature of this sander and its eminent handles allows easy transportation and storage of this Goplus Hand Held Electric Drywall Sander which is also provided with the dust hose of 79 inches used to collect the dust in the bag. A side handle, dust hose, sanding disks and carbon brushes are the various accessories involved in this product which are collectively issued in a bag.

Festool Planex Drywall Sander

Festool Planex Drywall Sander is a flexible and dynamic power tool used to reduce the intensive labor work which consists of about two lengths provided for the easy acquisition of far regions which lie beyond the height of the user. When one extension is appended to this sander the total length reaches up to 3.6 feet and when both the extensions are used the total length of the shaft would be around 5.2 feet. This reliable product has a dynamic power transfer from its motor and also most of the dust released at the time of sanding is captured by the dust extractor in this sander.

Using this Festool Planex Drywall Sander the user can attain a good finish of the wall not only at unreachable heights but also provides a clean and balanced sanding evenly throughout the surface of the wall. There is a dust shroud beneath the sander which collects a considerable amount of dust while sanding it and can be released to get rid of the messy collection of floor sized dust. The swiveling disk is around 225 mm in diameter allowing sanding for a wide area in a little amount of time and the rotational speed for this disk is around 310 to 920rpm.

Although it is expensive, the Festool Planex Drywall Sander can be used at various lengths by easily replaceable sandpapers which are fixed to the disk by the hook and loop straps. In case of sanding contracts, after the completion of the work by the contractors, it would be difficult for them to be called for the next job if they do not clean up the mess. Rectification of such problems can be done by this superior Festool Planex Drywall Sander which is placed in a well-secured box for easy storage and transportation. Moreover, this versatile sander which weighs about 19.1 lbs has a 3-year warranty also.

Comie 750W Commercial Drywall Sander

Comie 750W Commercial Drywall Sander is an industrial suitable product used for sanding an area in short time. This drywall sander has very lightweight since it has considerable usage of high standard and durable aluminum and hard plastic materials which are really durable. The apparatus doesn’t seem to be messy and congested with wires and house and it is quite simple to use. Moreover, the diameter of the disk used in this Comie 750W Commercial Drywall Sander is about 8.8 inches and so the area of sanding becomes considerably high in short time.

The disk is covered with a high-quality hook and loop straps which hold the sanding paper over the disk firmly. The head in this drywall sander swivels in all directions but also it provides a good tilt on the wall regardless of the position of the user. The shaft in the Comie 750W Commercial Drywall Sander which is 63 inches long enough to meet the heights of standard houses which provides the user an easy way to accomplish the task without having much strain.

Moreover, imagine if the head of this sander swivels with the low speed of approximately 20 rpm and if that is the situation sanding would not be proper and it may not provide a finished look. Overcoming this issue is the usage of the motor with the high rpm in this sander which uses a motor of 1000 to 3000 rpm which is a really good speed to meet the user expectations.

Weight is also an important factor in a sander because the entire sanding work is going to be done with that equipment, so lifting such a device throughout the day would definitely make the user sick and tired. This Comie 750W Commercial Drywall Sander has a weight of only 11 lbs and so the user can use it at various angles throughout the day without getting tired and it also has a built-in dust collection base to collect the dust.

Xtremepower Variable Drywall Sander

Xtremepower Variable drywall sander is massive muscular built red and black colored drywall sander which can provide a 90 to 180 degree sanding throughout the wall. This sander has an adjustable swiveling head with which the sander can reach the nook and corner of the wall, not only the wall but also popcorn ceiling can also be easy dealt with this Xtremepower Variable Drywall Sander.

The disk in this drywall sander can be driven at variable speeds through five adjustable speed controls with which it can provide a wide and cosmetic look to the work surface, besides the motor can perform a speed range up to 1800 rpm.Moreover, the head has an adjustable spring with which it becomes extremely flexible, handy and more reliable type of drywall sander and the diameter of the drywall sander is pretty much around 8 inch which is one of the most mesmerizing factors. With this diameter, more area can be sanded just by holding it with an appropriate speed over the surface of the wall.

This Xtremepower Variable Drywall Sander is also reinforced with two different shafts which make the drywall sander to reach beyond its limits over the wall. Connecting one piece of the extension allows a height of 4 feet and connecting the two shafts would provide a total height of about 6 feet which is more than enough to reach the pinnacle. The total weight of this product is around 20 pounds which are also provided with screwdrivers, hoses, carbon brushes, and a wrench housed in an airtight container.

Bottom Line

The drywall sander which you suggest should satisfy the needs as per the various jobs you undergo. The drywall sanders furnished with the dust catching mechanism is always good since it can also support your health too. Health is wealthier than anything in this world. Moreover using of proper respirators and masks would also do much because the dust particles are really tiny stuff to cause chronic problems. So always be cautious while buying a drywall sander which would support the work and the health at its best.


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