Airless Paint Sprayer – What Are Its Types?

Airless Paint Sprayer

The airless paint sprayer is a device which can paint with high pressure by a pump through a hose and a tiny hole on the spray gun. Further, the airless paint sprayer comes in three different types. The detailed description of the three types about the way they work, their uses, and demerits are described below in this article.

Different Kinds Of Airless Paint Sprayer

There are three types of airless paint sprayers available. They are the following.

Diaphragm Airless Sprayers

It is a type of airless paint sprayer through which you can draw the hydraulic fluid from the pump by using the hydraulic piston and it is to be tightfisted by the plastic diaphragm.

Working:The paint passes through the suction valve and then it enters into the outlet valve, which contains the check valve. On urging the outlet valve from the back portion, the paint will be sprayed from the outlet valve. It uses the pressure control valve, which can regulate the hydraulic fluid coming out from the piston block and piston oil sump. The operations can be done by the electric motors like AC and also by the gasoline motors. It impulses the hydraulic piston in upward and in a downward direction to depress the hydraulic fluid to underneath the diaphragm.

Uses:It can be used for residential, commercial, and maintenance applications. As it is a lightweight product, it is flexible to use it on the sites of the buildings. Based on the materials, the user can spray it from the small to higher ranges. It costs cheaper when considering the costs of other types of the airless paint sprayers.

Cons:The pump runs continuously without any break. So, there might be a chance that the fluid gets wasted. It performs poorly on the higher viscosity fluids. All the moving parts of the airless paint sprayers has to be cleaned constantly and so, it requires more maintenance costs.

As it is a kind of mechanical device, it won’t require any electronic elements like sensor or computer boards.

Piston Airless Sprayer

It is another kind of the airless paint sprayer, which uses the dual acting pumps to extract the paint from it. With the help of the foot or inlet valve at the center of the piston and the outlet valve on the piston rod, you can draw the paint from the pump.

Working: By operating the piston’s airless sprayer, the fluid will flow into the tiny hose into the fixed high filter pressure and then into the pump or motor or on the frame of the sprayer. The filter is used to trap the dust particles on the hydraulic fluid. This is done because the tiny debris might block the fluid from flowing into the tip of the airless sprayer.

It is being normalized by the electronic feeler. The computer boards have the capacity to adjust the amount of fluid by the motor speed, which is based on the size of the spray tip, which has to be selected by the user. It is operated by the DC motors, which produce very high speed. It requires the components like pressure control, pressure sensor, and computer boards.

Uses:This kind of airless paint sprayer is used in a variety of applications like commercial and for industrial purposes.  As it offers an even coating on the materials, it is preferred by all. It gives the coatings with higher viscosity and thus, the sprayer finishes its job soon. Even with using the small tip itself, it has the capacity to produce a higher pressure. It can be started up easily and hence, suits the professional contractors. If any fault occurs in this type of airless paint sprayer, it requires only a less time to repair.  It operates only on the needed time and doesn’t run constantly at unwanted times.

Cons:This type of the airless paint sprayers cost more than the other types.  When spraying at lower pressures, some of the pressure fluctuations may arise.

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Pneumatic or Air Driven Airless Sprayers

It uses the dual acting pump, which is being operated by the driven air motor. On using these airless sprayers, the user can complete his/her job within a few minutes.

Working:It works based on the basic air pressure resistance on the motor rather than the pressure of the fluid pump. It consists of a pump air motor, which helps to determine the pressure of the fluid, which is released out of the pump. This type of airless sprayers is also used in the industrial applications.

Uses:It finishes its job with a little practice and thus, it reduces the labor cost. Even for large projects, the user does not have to spray the materials frequently. It offers its best performance even in the irregular surfaces. Further, it can reach every nook and corner on the materials.

Cons:It takes more time to clean the pumps, hose, filter, spray gun of the airless paint sprayer. The overspray problem arises and a more amount of paint gets wasted.

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