Airless Paint Sprayer Tips


Before purchasing the airless paint sprayer, you should learn about how to use it and what are the safety precautions you need to follow while using it. These tips will keep the person safe and it tells about the operation of the airless paint sprayers. As airless paint sprayers complete its job quickly, its operations are quite simple.

How To Use An Airless Paint Sprayer?-Airless Paint Sprayer Tips

Learn about “how to use the airless paint sprayer?”.

Choose The Right Tip

Basically, the user should select the right tip for the airless paint sprayers so that the paint sprayer has the right pressure gauge. The large tips require more pressure but, it has the capacity to cover more areas of the materials.

Thinning The Paint

The latex paint suits for the airless paint sprayers. If the viscosity of the paint is thick, there is a difficulty in the easy flowing of paint through the small tip of the nozzle. Hence, by thinning the paint, it can easily flow into the tip of the nozzle.

Straining the Paint

Even after thinning the paint, there might be probably some amount of small sand, stones or other particles which can clog the nozzle of the sprayer. So, take a strainer and strain the paint to remove the solid particles in it.

Setting The Hose

Airless paint sprayer usually releases the paint from the hose. So, attach the hose to the back of the sprayer and keep it in the paint bucket. As a result, the paint comes out through the nozzle.

Priming The Pump

Before starting to use the airless paint sprayers, it requires prime settings. So, the user should set the prime on the airless paint sprayers.

Proper Setting Of Sprayer

The settings of the sprayer may differ from model to model. But, first of all, you should connect the spray gun and the hose. Now, flush and prime the sprayer.

Proper Setting Of Surface

Initially, prepare the surface for spraying, which is considered to be the main point in this project. Use trisodium phosphate to wash the interior walls and allow them to dry. Yet, considering the exterior walls, the user should use the pressure washer and a cleaning solution to clean the surface and then allow the surface to get dried. After the cleaning process, you should repair the holes, cracks, and should sand the rough and irregular surfaces.

Spraying Techniques

The user should keep the spray gun 12 inches away from the surface. To get the even coverage on the materials, you should use the long and continuous motion. The important thing to note is that you should start the motion before triggering the gun and after the trigger gun is released, continue the motion. The tip of the spray gun should pass at the edge of the previously painted area.

Safety Precautions

Following the precautions seem to be the most important airless paint sprayer tip. While operating the device, you should follow the safety precautions to keep your body safe from the dangerous hazards. So, when working with the airless paint sprayer, the user should wear the protective cloth, eyewear, and stay alerted. Refer to the manual guide to give you the basic tips on handling the airless paint sprayer.

While operating the airless paint sprayer, you should follow the above tips. Also, write to us about how these tips helped you to use your sprayer properly.


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